Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_HRE_FF15_HR_SPRINGS_IMG003 Since we last updated you on our Co-Founder Ron‘s W204 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG in our Project Car Garage, we’ve made quite a few changes. We’ve officially launched our Mercedes Benz section on the ModBargains website, and Ron’s W204 C-Class has been the guinea pig as we get more familiar with the Benz plaforms.Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_MBFS0407_R_Style_CF_Splitter_IMG004 As you can see, we fitted Ron’s C63 with an R Style Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler for Mercedes W204 C63 AMG, which gives the car a much more aggressive look.

Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_MBFS0407_R_Style_CF_Splitter_IMG006 The aggression was there, but the ride height really left something to be desired, so dropping the W204 Mercedes C63 AMG Suspension was next on the agenda. We had the awesome HRE Open House show coming up, and it just wouldn’t do to roll up on a sick set of HRE Performance Wheels at stock ride height.Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_MBFS0407_R_Style_CF_Splitter_IMG008So, since Ron was about to get a set of fresh new wheels to compliment the W204’s lines a bit better, a set of H&R Sport Springs for W204 C63 AMG was just what the doctor ordered to give Ron’s Benz a drop.
Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_HR_SPort_SpringsThe H&R Springs lower the AMG .75in front and rear, and as we said, the drop wasn’t the only thing that we had in mind.






HRE FF15 Liquid Silver – 19×8.5 ET47 / 19×9.5 ET45

Now for that set of wheels for C63 AMG – a set of HRE FF15 wheels in Liquid Silver was the perfect match.

Fronts 19×8.5 ET47 Tire 235/35-19 & Rear 19×9.5 ET45 Tire 255/30-19 T1 Sports
Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_HRE_FF15_HR_SPRINGS_IMG001To spice up the rear end, we also made another change to the W204’s exterior, installing a Big Fin style Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for C63 AMG.

Mercedes_W204_C63_AMG_MBDI0407_BIG_FIN_CF_DIFFUSER_IMG002The diffuser and the front spoiler looked great and got modding Ron’s C63 off to a good start.

With the wheels installed everything was ready for the HRE Open House show – but the car wouldn’t stay this way for long, a set of new external reservoir Coilovers from BC Racing Suspension was already on its way.

Stay tuned as we continue to update Ron’s C63 AMG.

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Thanks for reading, and join us again soon for an update on the 996TT and hopefully, a look at what’s been done to the Benz.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson
Select Photos Bryan Munoz