Last year we briefly wrote about the new Momo Heritage 6 wheels and their impact on classic JDM and European vehicles. Having provided a standout wheel for the classic crowd, Momo then set their sights on newer vehicles. The MOMO RF Series is the result of shifting their efforts towards bigger fitments and modern designs to appeal to the owners of more late model vehicles. Their sleek Italian designs are the perfect compliment to the smooth curves and sharp styling of the car designs of the current decade.



Not wanting to become lost in the ever growing sea of aftermarket wheels, MOMO decided to make sure to give the RF series all the attractive features present on the Heritage line. The RF Wheel Lineup features flow formed construction, custom fitments, and multiple high quality color options. This gives you the freedom to specify exactly how you want your wheels to look and fit without being held back by the normal sizing or offset constraints common to other wheel manufacturers. The current lineup consists of the split-Y five spoke RF-5C, the parallel split ten spoke RF-10S, or the mesh style RF20. MOMO may have even more designs or available sizes in store for us in the future so be sure to check back occasionally for any new options.



Recently we had the opportunity to see a set of these new wheels in person, and they definitely do not disappoint. This set of RF-5C wheels arrived in a beautiful gloss black finish with MOMO’s black badging and center caps. The owner of the CL63 AMG pictured decided to go with a 20×9 ET30 front and a 20×10.5 ET38 in the rear to give it a lightly aggressive stagger. They are wrapped in a set of Hankook V12 Evo 2 Max Performance Summer Tires, 255/35R20 front and 275/35R20 rear. The branching Y 5-spoke design of the RF-5C gives a sharp performance look befitting the nature of the AMG vehicle. The flow formed construction ensures that the wheels are lightweight and strong so they can deal with the rigors of performance driving without hampering the car’s performance.



Overall we’re thrilled to see the quality and craftsmanship that MOMO put into the production of these wheels. The fit and finish were both fantastic so we’re very excited to see more of the RF Series installed on customer vehicles in the future, as well as whatever else MOMO may develop. If you’re interested in getting your own set of MOMO RF Wheels but aren’t sure where to start picking sizing/offsets, be sure to get in contact with our highly trained team of Mod Experts. They can be reached at (714) 582-3330 or by email at We also have live chat available at during normal business hours.