If you read our recent article about the Forgestar M14 then you know all about why we think Forgestar wheels are such a great value and are a great choice for a lot of people. For anyone who didn’t read it, Forgestar gives you the opportunity to get tailor made rotary-forged wheels that are built specifically for your vehicle. You get to choose the color, the width, the diameter (where applicable), and the type of fitment you want. Forgestar will then determine perfect offsets for your wheels and build them to your exact specifications. It’s basically like ordering custom forged wheels without the same enormous price tag. Now that you know the basics of how Forgestar operates you can probably see why we were pretty excited when they announced their new CF7S at Sema earlier this year.



Let’s face it, looks are important, which is why the first thing we look for in a new wheel is a good design. A wheel could come in every size imaginable and every color of the rainbow but if it has a bad design no one will want to put it on their car. The CF7S luckily has a very classy split seven spoke design with wide spacing for showing off big brake kits. It is a great compliment for a wide variety of high performance euro applications such as BMW M cars and AMG Mercedes (see below). Because these wheels are rotary-forged they are very lightweight (a 19×8.5 weighs just 19 lbs.) and strong so you can rest assured that they will not hamper the performance or reliability of your vehicle.




Currently the CF7S is available in 19″ diameters and in various widths from 8.5″ to 12″. A Semi Concave face is available for 8.5″-9.0″ widths and Deep Concave is available from 9.5″-12.0″ widths so you can get whatever look you’re going for and can even mix and match if you go with a staggered setup. For an even more unique look you can choose between 22 custom color options (see our Forgestar F14 slideshow below for examples of most colors) so you can really make your setup your own. We’re confident that with so many color and size options available you are sure to find something that fits the personality of your vehicle.



If the CF7S sounds like a wheel you’d be interested in you should definitely get in contact with one of our Mod Experts to see what kind of fitment options are available for your own vehicle. Our Mod Experts have years of experience with custom wheel fitment and are eager to help you to find the perfect setup for your vehicle. We have tires from several manufacturers available as well so be sure to ask about what tires would be best to run with the setup you choose. To speak to a Mod Expert you can hit up our live chat at Modbargains.com, give us a call at (714) 582-3330, or send us an email at Sales@Modbargains.com.