Here at ModBargains we love Forgestar, and it’s easy to see why. Forgestar brings the custom wheel buying experience into the realm of possibility for those who cannot reasonably justify buying fully forged wheels. For those who have never purchased forged wheels before, the process basically lets you specify every single aspect of your wheel order. This results in a set of wheels that is custom tailored to fit your car (no matter what widths and sizes you choose) in your choice of color configuration. What Forgestar does is give you all of the same customization options but they use Flow-Forming to manufacture their wheels, significantly reducing the cost and keeping similar strength and weight properties as a forged wheel. Currently the customer favorite is the Forgestar F14 due to its simple but aggressive design, but we now offer a great option for anyone looking for a multi-piece design: The Forgestar M14.


Forgestar M14, BMW, BMW 335i,


The visual benefit of a multi-piece wheel is that you can have a configuration that is otherwise not possible with a monoblock wheel. In the case of the M14 for instance you get the option of choosing a face color, an outer barrel color, and a hardware color, all separately. This allows for thousands of different possible configurations for a truly unique look so you can have confidence that you’ll really stand out on the streets and at shows. In total you have about 22 face color options, 23 lip color options, and 22 hardware color options. Doing a little bit of quick math that gives you over 11,000 possible color combinations. Everything from Matte Black to Tiffany Blue is available for you to mix around and find your ideal color combo. Examples of some of Forgestar’s color choices can be seen below, modeled on the F14.



The layout of the M14 is a two-piece design: a flow formed face/inner barrel with a forged rolled lip. The structural benefit of which is that if the outer barrel were ever to be damaged by debris or a nasty curb you can have a new one fitted to the wheel instead of buying a whole replacement. For those who are unaware, Flow Forming is a wheel manufacturing process which has become very popular in the industry as of late. Basically, a cast wheel face is created with a short and thick barrel section. The wheel is then placed on a special mandrel and spun while being heated. Hydraulic rollers are then used to roll the barrel material down over the mandrel, stretching the aluminum and compressing it until it reaches the proper barrel shape. This process actually changes the mechanical properties of the metal, giving the aluminum a stronger and more flexible structure. Don’t worry, flexible in this case is a good thing, you want your wheels to be able to flex a bit from sharp impacts, otherwise they would crack from the strain of it. Combine this with a forged outer barrel and the result is an impressively strong and lightweight wheel.


Forgestar M14, Cayman, Porsche Cayman


If you have any concerns about the safety and durability of these wheels Forgestar happily shares the results of third party stress testing so you can be confident in the product you are buying. To further reinforce customer confidence, Forgestar also backs their work with a lifetime structural warranty (to the original buyer) which guarantees their workmanship under normal use.


Forgestar M14, BRZ, Subaru BRZ,


Wheel size options are currently limited to 18″ and 19″ diameters (more may be added in the future), but within those two sizes there are a huge amount of options. 19″ M14s can be had in any width from 8″ up to 12.5″. If you opt for the 18″ diameter you have a choice of anything from 8″ up to 14″. Yes, these things can get very wide if you so choose (and have the fenders to support it). For this reason we highly recommend these wheels for wide-body applications, they just work so well when the wheel face lines up with the body and the lip lines up with the fenders. The M14 is also such a timeless look it goes well with Classic Porsches, Modern Porsches, STIs, GT86s, etc.


Forgestar M14, Porsche 964, 964


Now, here’s the big question you’re probably thinking: “Can I get a set for my car?”. Well, the good news is if you have a 5-lug bolt pattern of any kind, and your vehicle can physically accommodate at least 18″ wheels, then yes, there’s an M14 set out there for you! If you place an order from our website you will be contacted for information on your vehicle and your desired fitment. If you need advice picking out wheel sizes, colors, or anything that you might have questions about be sure to get in contact with our Mod Experts. You can reach them at (714)582-3330 or by email at