If you’ve seen the release photos of the all new BMW F90 M5 or the Special Edition F80 M3 CS then you’ve no doubt seen that these new models offer an awesome Red Start/Stop Button. As soon as we saw this new feature all the BMW owners in our office got excited and wanted to see what we could do about making that feature available to our customers.

We got in touch with a few manufacturers to see what we could do about finding a aftermarket option that would be of good quality, easy to install, and would look the part. We eventually were able to find exactly what we were looking for and were ecstatic to find out the versatility of the product. These Red Buttons will work for just about any recent model BMW as long as it was equipped from the factory with the Auto Start/Stop feature. This means anything from the F22 2-Series all the way up to the F01 7-Series can potentially be fitted with this button. See end of article for full application list.

As soon as the shipment came in we set to work getting one installed on a car here so we could see the results. This was followed very quickly by “well that was quick” from our techs. This thing is absurdly easy to install, it takes maybe 20 minutes for a complete novice and less than 10 for someone used to working on cars. It fits identically to the OEM piece so there’s no adjustment or finagling necessary. Take a look at our installation instructions or watch our install video (below) to see just how quick and easy it really is.



This button is a great value because it simply works well and is very inexpensive. With it you retain the OEM back-light feature, OEM mounting clips, perfect OEM fitment, etc. At $30 it wouldn’t even be worth buying the supplies needed to try to replicate the design using your own button.


Is red not quite your style? Have no fear, we also have our Blue Start/Stop Button available! Everyone has their unique tastes, and maybe you have interior pieces that won’t quite work with red. Our Blue Start/Stop Button is a gorgeous color that really pops, sure to be noticed by anyone who takes a glance at your interior.


Application List:

BMW F22 2 Series

BMW F87 M2

BMW F30 3 Series

BMW F80 M3

BMW F32/F33/F36 4 Series

BMW F82 M4

BMW F10 5 Series & M5

BMW F06/F12/F13 6 Series & M6

BMW F01 7 Series


If you’re looking to give your interior that extra touch of class you should definitely check out our Red Start/Stop Button or Blue Start/Stop Button. If you’re not quite sure if they will fit or have other questions about them be sure to reach out to our team of Mod Experts. You can reach us at (714)-582-3330 or by email at Sales@ModBargains.com.