A few simple tweaks can really clean up the front end of any BMW E90 – case in point this BMW E90 LCI with an M-Sport (aka MTech) front bumper. Sure the factory bumper looks okay, but small details like the nasty yellow angel eyes, chrome front kidney grilles and the somewhat plain features of the M-Sport front bumper for BMW E90 3-Series can keep the car from looking its best. In order to give its angel eyes the bright, crisp look they deserve, we’ve upgraded them by replacing the incandescent bulbs that come stock with a set of LUX H8 LED Angel Eye bulbs, which give us the look you see above.


It’s tricky to photograph something illuminated in daylight, but the thing we want to point out here is that these LUX LED angel eyes for BMW E90 are bright enough to still be visible in daylight, and deliver a crisp white look.

Note that the front kidney grilles aren’t chrome – a set of Matte Black Kidney Grilles for BMW E90 really helps clean up the front end.


Now we’ll move on to the splitters. The M-Sport Bumper for BMW E90 is a big improvement over the standard front end, but the real ticket with this front end is accessorizing it with the right add-ons to create a classy yet aggressive aesthetic. A set of Carbon Fiber Front Splitters for E90 LCI M-Tech front bumpers is a simple and subtle way to make the front end a lot more aggressive, and it’s a great way to tie in other carbon fiber accents like kidney grilles, side skirt extensions, rear spoilers and diffusers.

BMW_E90_White_CF_Splitters_Halos_Black_Kidneys-11 These CSL-esque front splitters for the M-Sport bumper are designed to blend right into the contours of your front bumper, but it’s worth mentioning that you should have a professional install them for you to get the best fitment, as even the most expensive carbon fiber parts usually require some “finessing” to get them to look perfect.BMW_E90_White_CF_Splitters_Halos_Black_Kidneys-12Here’s the top down view, the splitters pull out the corners of the front end a bit but don’t go far enough that parking curbs will be any more of a hazard than they already are.
BMW_E90_White_CF_Splitters_Halos_Black_Kidneys-15The carbon fiber weave looks great.

Here’s the side profile of the splitters – as we said, it gives you a more motorsport-oriented look without doing anything to make the car more difficult to drive around town (like you might have to do with a more aggressive, pronounced front lip), making them a great addition to nearly any daily driver. The one thing we do want to mention here is that from this angle, it’s clear just how obnoxious the amber front reflectors are, so we’d suggest considering a set of Painted Front Reflectors for BMW E90 LCI if you’re going for a clean look.

So that’s it for our quick look at the Carbon Fiber Splitters for M-Sport BMW E90 328i, 335i and 335d, and the angel eye E90 lighting upgrade works the same whether you’ve got the M-Sport or standard front end. We hope this has inspired you to get creative with the appearance of your E90 – after all, why be like everyone else when you can express yourself?

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson