IMG_2363As we get older, many of us find that as we settle down and have kids, we have to give up our toys- story after story about selling their “fun” car because they’re getting married or having kids – yeah, there’s a time when a family car is more appropriate. But what if your family car was also your sports car? Ashan, who’s built this stealthy white 2010 N54-powered BMW 335i sedan into something delightfully sneaky. “This is my weekend family car, I got it to comfortably take my family around on the weekends, but it’s just as much for me – for when I have time to drive and enjoy it.”

Ashan’s been coming to ModBargains for quite a while, and Modification Expert Frank Kim helped him out most recently with his E90. Looking at this car from the outside, there’s no indication just what a gnarly beast this thing really is. A set of BMW Performance Black Kidney grilles for E90 dress up the front end and a set of painted Arctic White Painted Reflectors further streamline the car, yet the wheels are stock – as is the exhaust. LED Angel Eyes give the trademark BMW Halos a little extra visual pop, but that’s about it- The car sits on a set of H&R Sport Springs for E90 that drop the ride height just enough but leave the car’s ride still comfortable and family-friendly. But the real story is under the hood.

IMG_2345Ashan hit up Frank when he wanted to beef up the power output of this car, so Frank recommended a Stage II package from Burger Motor Sports. We paired a BMS JB4 Performance PNP ECU tuner and BMS Dual Cone Intake up with a set of Active Autowerke Downpipes for N54.
Keeping the intake air temperatures cool and consistent is an Active Autowerke Front Mount Intercooler for E90. “I love how the N54 responds to mods, and Frank lets me know what mods are available that I’d like – I didn’t know about the painted reflectors until Frank told me about them, and I’m glad he did.” Ashan tells us. What makes this car so deliciously sneaky is that even though the car has performance downpipes fitted, the exhaust system is still stock from the downpipes back. This unique combination gives the car a subtle but beefy growl yet leaves the car totally comfortable with no drone on the freeway.

IMG_2340 IMG_2336 IMG_2321

All in all, with some guidance from Modification Experts like Frank, Ashan has put together one heck of a package – the car looks almost stock but with a subtle custom touch and a slightly beefier than normal growl. Right now, the car’s putting somewhere around 400 ponies to the rear wheels in its current configuration. “I wanted to build something stock but sporty- almost like an OEM Sport package.” We think he’s definitely succeeded in that goal. We look forward to seeing what Ashan does next, but we’re sure we’ll see it again soon. Until then, next time you see a white 335, it may not be as stock as it looks…

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Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos by Doug Johnson