On April 22nd 2017, Myself and some of our ModBargains crew attended the 16th annual California Festival of Speed, the largest Southwest Porsche event in the US. We’ve been coming here for years now, as a supporting vendor of a great event of fellow enthusiasts celebrating the Porsche.

I Myself own a 996 Turbo and a Cayenne Turbo, so I keep on becoming more of a fan year after year, with the reliability and power that these cars keep delivering and the rich history they have to offer. – Ron Hay (ModBargains Co-Founder & President)


The show had a wide variety of cars and owners in attendance. There were many older and classic Porsches racing on the track with all of the modern ones. ModBargains attended as a vendor, interacting with everyone in attendance and growing even closer with the Porsche community. We got some great photos of the event back from Barnet Photography to share with you guys.