The right ride height can make all the difference. Check out how this 997.1 Porsche Carrera2 looks, before and after a simple drop, courtesy of a set of Eibach Pro Kit Springs for Porsche 997. A few weeks back, we started things off the right way, fitting this silver beauty with a set of Avant Garde Ruger Split wheels for Porsche. Senior Mod Expert Alan recommended a 19in staggered fitment for a tailored look.

Here’s how it went by the numbers:
Avant Garde M510 Ruger Split Wheels – Matte Silver Machined
(2)19×8.5 ET45
(2)19×11 ET52

The owner of this Porsche wanted to lower the car without destroying the ride quality of his car, making the Eibach Pro-Kit for Porsche an ideal choice for this customer’s needs, and with this model these springs yield a mild drop of approximately .6 inches both front and rear (owner verified using a measuring tape, that was the final drop height after a week), bringing it down quite a bit visually without taking away from the driveability of the car – it’s worth noting that the H&R Springs for Porsche drop the car close to 1.5in, which is often “too much” for many P-car owners.


Taking the extra height out of this 997 Porsche Carrera 2S Suspension is actually a fairly painless process – contrary to what you might think, ‘working on a Porsche’, the suspension and brakes are surprisingly easy to work on, so the skilled techs in the shop at Mod Auto were able to make quick work giving the Carrera S a drop.

When we first fitted the car with the Ruger Split Wheels a few weeks back, several of us here at the shop remarked how the car was begging for a drop, and we’re pleased to see our gut instinct was right on the money, as this P-Car looks positively cash.



If you’d like to get the same sort of expert advice that we provided this Porsche got when determining what fits the C2S or if you’re just looking for Parts for Porsche 997, talk to the Modification Experts like Alan Wei (x8006) – call us at 714-582-3330 today or visit www.modbargains.com

Story by Nick Gregson in Collaboration with Senior Modification Expert Alan Wei

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