The Pontiac G8, aka the Holden Commodore and current Chevrolet Caprice PPV/Chevrolet SS Sedan, is an imposing muscle saloon – if a bit more obscure here in the USA than it deserves to be. Offering V8 power deep into the hundreds, the G8 – then and now – offers a fantastic blend of power, RWD fun and 4-door practicality. Almost like an American M5 or something. However, Pontiac isn’t known for their stellar choices in OEM wheels… one need only look at the disgusting “TECH” style wheels of the 1980s to know that. The owner of this G8 is a fan of the classic Batman series, and reached out to Senior Mod Expert Elliott to find the perfect set of wheels for THE DARK KNIGHT.pontiac-g8-hre-ff01-dark-knight-002

Our Mod Expert Elliott suggested a set of Avant Garde M590 Wheels for Pontiac G8 (5x120mm) in 19” Satin Silver.

19×8.5 et.35 Front
19×9.5 et.43 Rearpontiac-g8-hre-ff01-dark-knight-003

The bright finish of the M590s keys in beautifully with the quad G8 exhaust tips and OEM diffuser. A set of LED Tail lamps also gives the Pontiac G8 fresher looking tail, making it less obvious that this ended production (as a G8, anyways) in 2009.pontiac-g8-hre-ff01-dark-knight-004 pontiac-g8-hre-ff01-dark-knight-005 pontiac-g8-hre-ff01-dark-knight-006 pontiac-g8-hre-ff01-dark-knight-007We love the overall look the Avant Garde Wheels M590s give this G8 – the perfect compliment to give this car a sharp, up-to-date look.

Interested in modifying your Pontiac G8? Talk to the Mod Experts like Elliott (x8009), give us a call at 714-582-3330 today.

Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos by Charles Pages