Silver Pontiac G8

Here at ModBargains, we’re car enthusiasts ourselves, which is why we love having the variety of vehicles we get to see come through the shop, and this week variety came in the form of Australian-American Muscle: a Pontiac G8 GT. Hector, who owns this G8, came to ModBargains looking for a set of Concept One‘s CSM-7 wheels to give his Aussie a little extra visual edge.

Silver Pontiac G8 Concept One Wheels

Hector, the owner of this G8, opted for a set of Gunmetal CSM-7s with a machined face, the darkness of the Gunmetal inners is an excellent compliment to the diffuser, grille and blackwork of the G8 while the bright machined face compliments the car’s silver finish.

Silver Pontiac G8 7 Spoke Concept One Wheels

Even the best wheels can look bad if the fitment is off – our Senior Modification expert, Elliott, set Hector (the owner of this car) up with 20×9 et.35s in the front for just the right stance.

Silver Pontiac G8 Silver 7 Spoke Concept One Wheels

And 20×10.5 et.42 in the rear with just a hint concavity and beefy rear tires to get the G8’s power to the pavement.

Silver Pontiac G8 Rear

Did you know that the United States Air Force uses the Pontiac G8 as a chase-car to help the famous U-2 Spy Plane take-off and land? Only a handful of the most powerful American cars have had the honor of working as USAF chase cars, getting to blast down a runway at over 100mph on a regular basis, these cars need the muscle to move with authority. With such a wide rear stance, it looks ready to tear down the runway, even when it’s standing still!

Silver 7 Spoke Concept One Wheels

That same wide rear stance allows for a nice level of concavity out of the CSM-7s. How’s that for a “Wide Track Pontiac”?

Silver Pontiac G8 Front Grille View

We could hardly contain ourselves long enough to post these for you, check out the rest of the pictures and let us know what you think! Thanks to Hector for coming out and sharing his sweet G8 GT with us!

Silver Pontiac G8 Concept One Wheels Side View Silver Pontiac G8 Side View Silver Pontiac G8 Silver Concept One Wheels Side Silver Pontiac GT G8 Rear   Silver Pontiac G8 Front Grille Silver Pontiac G8 Sideview Concept One Wheels Silver Pontiac G8 Concept One Wheels
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