When choosing your exhaust for BMW 435i, it can be challenging to decide whether you want a system that’s loud and aggressive or subtle and drone free – and with most systems, it’s a hard-fast choice, you get either one or the other, with just a few systems in that “sweet spot” of neither too loud nor too quiet, and even then, it’s terribly subjective. Things have changed in the aftermarket, though- you don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other, and GT Haus Meisterschaft’s new Electronic Valve Controlled Cat-Back Exhaust for F32 435i offers an ideal solution to the dilemma of whether to be loud or be stealthy – this system lets you be both. Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman assisted this customer with coordinating installation of his Meisterschaft Exhaust for F32 at the Mod Auto shop here in La Habra, CA.BMW_F32_435i_Catback_before_img005

With the car up in the air, we take one last look at the OEM exhaust system of the F32 435i.


The EVC version of Meisterschaft’s exhaust for F32 435i comes standard in a resonator-back configuration with optional resonator-delete and catless downpipe and with a variety of tip options to suit any taste.BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img002 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img003

The finish and build quality is top-shelf to be certain, and the bespoke jewel-like finish to the polish on this exhaust system is nothing less than you’d expect of an exhaust system of this caliber.BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img004 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img005
The electronic valve changes the flow of exhaust gases on demand to instantly shift the car’s sound from the sweet purr of a kitten to the roar of a lion literally at the push of a button.
BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img006 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img007 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img008

This F32 435i system is fitted with the standard dual 102mm silver polished tips which give the 4-series rear end a more aggressive look without going so far overboard as to look “outrageous” – stylish yet subtle is how we’d describe it.

BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img015 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img014

The dividers in the exhaust tips is a trademark characteristic of Meisterschaft exhaust systems, giving them a unique exhaust note unlike other competing systems.BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img013 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img012 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img011 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img010 BMW_F32_435i_GTHaus_Meisterschaft_Catback_Exhaust_img009

The dual 102mm tips poke out just enough to make a statement. Check out this short video we put together to demonstrate the sound difference between valve-open and valve-closed.

Interested in ordering a GT Haus Meisterschaft EVC Exhaust System for your F32 435i? Give the Mod Experts like Elliott a call – dial 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Elliott), chat live with the experts at to order your parts and schedule your installation today.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

Story, Photos & Video Nick Gregson