Ouch! So you’ve had a minor fender bender, maybe you tapped the car in front of you or backed into a stray pole in a parking lot, but whatever the reason, you need a bumper, and you need it painted, your body color. While ModBargains can help you out with a replacement bumper for many vehicles, if you’re local to Southern California, we’re able to offer Paint services as well.BMW_E90_LCI_Sport_Bumper_Paint-Svcs-Black_Img002

This BMW E90 328i was fitted with the M-Sport aka MTech front bumper for E90, which we replaced. Our M-Sport bumper kit was a great choice because our aftermarket bumpers include all the little things you need to go with the bumper, like the lower grilles. After removing the damaged OEM bumper, we installed a freshly painted replacement bumper, painted right here at Mod Auto. We offer this service exclusively to SoCal customers because of the difficulty of shipping painted parts, but mainly because paint shades tend to change over time, so it’s best we have the car in person to ensure the paint matches.BMW_E90_LCI_Sport_Bumper_Paint-Svcs-Black_Img003 BMW_E90_LCI_Sport_Bumper_Paint-Svcs-Black_Img004

With the new E90 LCI M-Sport Front Bumper installed, aside from the factory paint being a bit dirty, the paint color itself is spot on.

BMW_E90_LCI_Sport_Bumper_Paint-Svcs-Black_Img005 BMW_E90_LCI_Sport_Bumper_Paint-Svcs-Black_Img006 BMW_E90_LCI_Sport_Bumper_Paint-Svcs-Black_Img007 BMW_E90_LCI_Sport_Bumper_Paint-Svcs-Black_Img008


Need paint services? Talk to the Mod Experts, like Sr. Mod Expert Alan Wei who helped coordinate painting the replacement bumper for this E90 – give us a call at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Alan).

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson