A few weeks back, this F30 BMW 328d came into the Mod Auto shop to be fitted with some Carbon Fiber Exterior Mods for BMW F30 to make the D a bit more appealing. This 328d is not actually an M-Sport model, but rather the result of our work here! We installed the full M-Sport kit, paint and all. As we’ve said before, the M-Sport bumpers are like the foundation – you need to accessorize it with the right bits to “build” the look you want by adding the right parts. And that’s just what we’re doing here, with a complete suite of exterior mods to sex up this diesel 3.


We started with a Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for BMW F30, paired with a M-Sport style diffuser.

BMW_F30_328d_White_CF_Splitter_Spoiler_Diffuser-3Changing up the look of the front end is a V2 style Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW F30 mated to the M-Sport front bumper for BMW F30.
BMW_F30_328d_White_CF_Splitter_Spoiler_Diffuser-9The carbon fiber front lip extends a little bit and the openings in the design help channel air towards the brakes for better cooling at speed.
BMW_F30_328d_White_CF_Splitter_Spoiler_Diffuser-7The front lip gives the 328d a more aggressive, sporting look and matches the blacked out wheels nicely, though now a drop would really be the bees knees.
BMW_F30_328d_White_CF_Splitter_Spoiler_Diffuser-12Here’s how the carbon fiber trunk spoiler and carbon diffuser look from behind once installed.
BMW_F30_328d_White_CF_Splitter_Spoiler_Diffuser-19From the side profile, we can appreciate how the front splitter and trunk spoiler extend and compliment the lines of the car.


We’re big fans of the improvements we made in this 328d’s appearance and can’t wait to do more. Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson