Audi_B8_A5_TSW_Nurburgring-Matte-Bronze-19x95et41_HR_Springs_CF_Spoiler_RS5_grille (1)

There are cars that sit in a garage most of the year and are babied. Then there are cars that are driven 200+ miles every weekend, abused and enjoyed. Kevin’s 2009 Audi B8 A5 is a car in that second category.


Kevin’s not afraid to get his A5 a little dirty while taking it out on runs with Targa Trophy, but he does like it to have a some serious style. That’s why Kevin has been bringing his A5 to Elliott and Alan here at ModBargains for just over 2 years.

Audi_B8_A5_TSW_Nurburgring-Matte-Bronze-19x95et41_HR_Springs_CF_Spoiler_RS5_grille (2)
The first thing you may notice about Kevin’s A5 is that he stayed away from the usual “storm trooper” black on white look. These Matte Bronze TSW Nurburgring wheels for Audi add some nice flair to the Audi while keeping it classy.

Audi_B8_A5_TSW_Nurburgring-Matte-Bronze-19x95et41_HR_Springs_CF_Spoiler_RS5_grille (3)
His wheels measure 19×9.5″ all around, and it’s plenty for the bigger size of the A5.

Audi_B8_A5_TSW_Nurburgring-Matte-Bronze-19x95et41_HR_Springs_CF_Spoiler_RS5_grille (4)
The subtle lowering of the car is made possible from H&R sport springs, giving just about a 1.00″ drop from stock while still maintaining ride quality.

IMG_7295-EditOut back, Kevin has gone with a C-Style carbon fiber trunk spoiler for B8 Audi A5 and a custom exhaust with 3″ piping throughout.

IMG_7312Audi enthusiasts may notice the RS5 Honeycomb grill swap. This grill is larger, and gives a more aggressive look to the front end of the A5. It also gives Kevin some room for his vanity plate.

Audi_B8_A5_TSW_Nurburgring-Matte-Bronze-19x95et41_HR_Springs_CF_Spoiler_RS5_grille (7)Kevin brought a friend and fellow photographer to the shoot as well. With a car that looks this good, we don’t blame him. It’s all about those angles!

IMG_7301Kevin did have a DTM style carbon fiber front lip installed, but after making so many Targa Trophy runs, he figured it would be best to leave it off to avoid rock chips. And even while stock, those Audi headlights look stunning!

Audi_B8_A5_TSW_Nurburgring-Matte-Bronze-19x95et41_HR_Springs_CF_Spoiler_RS5_grille (9)
Although this car may seem like it’s just for looks, its not. Kevin has an Injen Cold Air Intake, APR Stage II+ tune, and aftermarket test pipes, intercooler piping, and lightweight pully. Performance and style all in one!

Audi_B8_A5_TSW_Nurburgring-Matte-Bronze-19x95et41_HR_Springs_CF_Spoiler_RS5_grille (10)Kevin isn’t afraid to put his A5 through some tough runs, but when he does look to spoil his ride, he certainly does it right.

Thanks to Kevin Nijjar for letting us take these photos, and for being a part of the ModBargains Champions program!

2009 Audi B8 A5

Custom Exhaust w/ 3″ Piping
Injen Cold Air Intake for Audi 2.0 TFSI
DTM Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip
C-Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler
RS5 Honeycomb Grill
H&R Sport Springs
APR Stage II+ Tune
TSW Nurburgrings Matte Bronze 19×9.5 Wheels
Aftermarket Test Pipe
Aftermarket High Flow Intercooler Piping
Aftermarket Lightweight Pully
2 JL Audi W3’s
Alpine 2500 Watt Amp

Original Article & Photos by Doug Johnson
Updated by Nick Gregson