As a BMW owner, you understand the thrill of driving a high-performance vehicle that combines elegance with raw power. You appreciate every aspect of your car, from its stunning design to the exhilarating experience it offers on the road. When it comes to enhancing your BMW’s performance, there’s one name that stands out among enthusiasts and professionals alike: Ohlins. With a rich history in developing top-of-the-line suspension systems, Ohlins has recently released two exciting products: the Ohlins Road & Track coilovers for the 2021-2023 BMW G80 M3 xDrive models and G82/G83 M4 RWD models. Let’s delve into the details and discover how these coilovers can take your BMW G8X to the next level.

The Ohlins brand has long been synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of suspension technology. Founded in 1976 in Sweden, Ohlins has built a reputation for manufacturing exceptional suspension systems for various applications, including motorcycles, automobiles, and racing vehicles. Their commitment to performance and precision has made them a trusted partner for motorsport teams and enthusiasts around the globe.


The new BMW G80 M3 and G82/G83 M4 models are marvels of engineering, offering increased speed, power, and efficiency. To fully unleash their potential, Ohlins has developed the Road & Track DFV Coilovers specifically for these BMW models. This advanced suspension system allows you to fine-tune your car’s handling characteristics with ease. By simply turning the damper’s golden knob, you can transform your BMW into a track-ready machine, enhancing responsiveness, improving bump absorption, and increasing overall grip.

At the heart of the Ohlins Road & Track coilovers lies the Dual Flow Valve (DFV) technology, a game-changer in suspension design. This innovative feature enables your BMW to react swiftly to changing road conditions, keeping you in control both on and off the track. Whether you’re pushing the limits of performance on a racetrack or enjoying a spirited drive through winding roads, the Ohlins suspension ensures a thrilling and dynamic experience.

Ohlins understands the passion that drives BMW enthusiasts. They have meticulously crafted the Road & Track coilovers to meet the demands of sports car enthusiasts who strive for perfection. The combination of exceptional build quality, cutting-edge technology, and attention to detail ensures that your BMW’s performance reaches new heights. With Ohlins, you can extract the true potential of your beloved BMW, whether you’re aiming for the podium or seeking an unmatched driving experience.


The Ohlins Road & Track coilovers offer seamless integration with your BMW’s existing suspension system. Their adjustable nature allows you to customize the ride height and damping characteristics to suit your personal preferences and driving style. This level of flexibility ensures that you can achieve the perfect balance between comfort and performance, transforming your BMW into a truly personalized driving machine.If you’re a BMW enthusiast looking to elevate your driving experience, the Ohlins Road & Track coilovers for the BMW G80 M3 xDrive and G82/G83 M4 RWD models are a worthy investment. With Ohlins’ unparalleled expertise in suspension technology, these coilovers enable you to unlock the full potential of your BMW, enhancing its performance, responsiveness, and overall driving dynamics. Embrace the golden knob, take control, and prepare to be amazed by the enhanced performance of your BMW with the new Ohlins suspension. Experience the thrill of precision engineering and elevate your driving to new heights with Ohlins Road & Track coilovers.