Responding to the ever-growing Tesla Model 3 market, KW have officially released their Variant 3 coilover system, bringing one of the premier suspension solutions to Tesla’s newest EV.

The KW V3 coilovers for the Tesla Model 3 will include both RWD and AWD models, and provide the vehicle with performance-driven handling, increased ride comfort, and, of course, height adjustability.

Electric vehicles and hybrids have more sprung weight than their non-electrical counterparts due to the weight that the electrical motors and components add. These axle loads are alleviated by KW’s shocks with multi-valve damper technology. State of the art construction means your coilovers will perform at their maximum throughout the use of your vehicle, from rolling over a speed bump to flat-out on the track.

All of KW’s coilover systems are made from stainless steel with an “Inox-line” coating. This means that the coilovers are truly rust-proof, and, as KW claims, have an unlimited lifespan of corrosion resistance and structural integrity. Whether you live in areas with snow and salt on the roads or in a sunny, dry climate, these build quality of these coilovers ensures they can even outlast the car they’ve been installed on.

As we all know, Model 3’s look great with 20″ wheels (like the HRE FF01 or the VMR V710), but running larger wheels leads to a lower profile tire, which can translate to a harsher ride on stock suspension. The KW V3’s high-speed valves allow for high performance, adjustable harmonic damping and rebound, which absorbs the harshness of the road before it hits the cockpit.

This all sounds fine and dandy, but what exactly are “damping” and “rebound”? Simply put, they’re the key components in suspension operation. In all shock systems, damping is the term given to the process of vibration absorption within the shock, achieved by controlled and adjustable compression (the shock moving inward) and rebound (the shock moving outward).  This is something we could go on and on about, but instead, check out this video by KW that shows the V3 in action.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to purchase coilovers is for height adjustment, and KW V3’s are no different. With 25-50mm of adjustment (that’s roughly 1-2″), the Variant 3’s could be exactly what you need to complete your Model 3’s stance.

Whether you’re after performance, comfort, a lower ride height or all three, KW’s Variant 3 coilovers will check all of your boxes. If you’re in the market for some coilovers for your Tesla Model 3, drop us a line! Get in touch with a Mod Expert today by calling in at (714) 582-3330 or emailing If you’re local, let us handle the install! Schedule an appointment at Mod Auto by calling (714) 582-3330 to get it done right the first time.