We’re so excited to announce that the newest addition in VMR’s Flow Form line is here! Fresh out the oven, the V802 is set to make waves as the second full-face mesh design in the VMR lineup.

One look at the wheels reveals a complex mesh design that excites the eyes of the owner and spectators. But that’s not all –  Look closer, and you’ll notice the complex spoke design with varying weights and thicknesses, as well as alternating spoke depth, creating a design that is as pleasing as it is interesting to take in. As you can see for yourself, the V802’s styling would definitely provide an exciting addition to your build list. The list of potential builds is huge, too. In-house machining lets VMR cater their wheels to fit a variety of bolt patterns and therefore countless platforms. Don’t believe me? The V802 is available for the following bolt patterns:

  • 5×112
  • 5×114.3
  • 5×115
  • 5×120

So whether you’re shopping for your BMW, VW/Audi, or even Tesla Model 3, the V802 will fit your build.

The V802 is engineered using VMR’s Flow Forming technology, meaning they’re lighter and more performance-driven than traditional cast wheels, while offering a competitive price point. Just how competitive is this price point? Well, at 18″, the V802 starts at just $325 per wheel, and 19″ starts at just $365 per wheel! At this high of quality, these wheels are a steal.

We’re also very excited to announce that the V802 debuts two brand new factory wheel finishes: Matte Bronze and Crystal Black Buff.

VMR notes that the demand for custom bronze finishes has been at an all-time high (we can attest to this) – so much so, that they’ve decided to offer Matte Bronze as a factory finish option. The matte finish on the V802 is a great choice – just look how it highlights the variable depths and weights of the spokes.

Crystal Black Buff is another brand new wheel finish that VMR introduced with the V802. Serving to highlight the complexity of the mesh design, Crystal Black Buff features a black base coat and high gloss clear coat. The resulting deep, reflective black surface does a great job of showing those precise cuts and edges that make the wheel so exciting to look at.

The V802 is currently available in the following sizes:

18×8.5 ET35/ET45
18×9.5 ET35/ET45
19×8.5 ET35
19×9.5 ET25/ET35/ET45

If you’re looking to outfit your build with a stunning set of flow formed V802’s, drop us a line! Get in touch with a Mod Expert today by calling in at (714) 582-3330 or emailing sales@modbargains.com. If you’re local, let us handle the install! Schedule an appointment at Mod Auto by calling (714) 582-3330 to get it done right the first time.