HRE Performance Wheels has been a player in making great wheels for quite some time, from their original line imported from Japan back in the 70s to the modern multi piece forged Performance Wheels and Flow Form lines that remain popular today, so it’s exciting when these guys roll out a new style. Well, after a whole lot of speculation and waiting, HRE Flow Form is now debuting its first new wheel style since the launch of the HRE Flow form line – the FF04. With bold lines and a classic, sculpted look, these wheels work well on today’s performance vehicles, but our bet is that they’d look positively insane on say, a Vintage air cooled Porsche. It’s a fat 5-spoke design with a bit of concavity, with the insides of the 5 spokes sculpted out for an airy, well ventilated wheel. Available in a massive variety of colors, the HRE FF04 is available for initial orders in just two colors and fitments, BMW F8X M3/M4 and 6th Gen Camaro, the FF04 will later be available in the same fitments the FF01 and FF15 can be had in. Our inside line to HRE tells us that there may even be fitments for some new vehicles coming for the FF04, but our source couldn’t say which car exactly. In the meantime, though, check out how incredible these look actually fitted to a car. Shown here in the Eureka Finish, the HRE FF04 Wheels for BMW F80 M3 really compliment the lines of the car and the sculpted cutouts almost mirror the car’s brake cooling ducts in the photo. As we mentioned, one of the initial fitments for the HRE FF04 available will be the 6th Gen Chevrolet Camaro, seen here in Redline finish. On the Camaro, the lines of the FF04 work well with its more organic aesthetic than the hard, blocky contours of the 5th gen cars and in a contrasting color like Redline on Smoke Gray, it can really be stunning. The Tarmac Black HRE FF04 for Camaro is also exceptionally sharp on the car as well, instead of saying look at me, instead speaks to refinement. 

For now, 20×9.5 ET20, 20×10 ET20, 20×10 ET43 and 20×11 ET43 are the only fitments and offsets available but of course this will only expand as time goes on. Be the first to have these gorgeous and desirable wheels on your ride – order yours today! (C’mon, that tax refund’s burnin a hole in your pocket!)

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Story by Nicholas Gregson