A few weeks back we introduced you to Daniel G‘s gorgeous 2014 Camaro SS when we fitted it with a set of BC Coilovers for Camaro to give the car a nice drop. Of course, dropping the Camaro suspension and leaving it on stock wheels often leaves a car looking ‘unfinished’, so the other day this black ponycar cruised on back for a new set of wheels for Camaro. Daniel again sought the expert advice of Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei, who recommended this handsome set of Niche Milan M134 wheels for Camaro.
chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img003 chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img004
With the Camaro, you need a large diameter wheel and you need a different offset than you’d use for say, a BMW, which also shares the Camaro/GM Musclecar 5x120mm bolt pattern. Rocking 20×8.5 up front and 20×10.5 in the rear of the car, this staggered setup looks fantastic with the blocky 5-spoke design of the Milan M134 wheel from Niche. We’re hesitant to use the word blocky here, because usually “blocky” is a bad thing, but in the case of the very angular Camaro, a more squared off wheel is an excellent compliment to the car’s design.

chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img006 chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img007 chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img008 chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img009

Tires are almost as important as the style of wheel you choose. Mod Expert Alan recommended that Daniel go with a set of Nitto Invo Tires in 275-40-20 up front and 295-35-20 in the rear to keep all that V8 muscle power going to the pavement.

chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img010 chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img011 chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img012 chevrolet-camaro-ss-on-niche-wheels-milan-bc-coilovers-img013

Owner: Daniel G

2014 Chevy Camaro SS
Niche Wheels Milan M134
Front Wheels:20×8.5, 5x120mm, +35 Offset, 72.6 Bore
Rear Wheels:20×10.5, 5x120mm, +35 Offset, 72.6 Bore
Finish:Black Machined w/ Dark Tint
Tires: Nitto Invo

As always big thank you to Daniel G, the owner of this beautiful black ponycar, and shoutout to Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei for helping create such a beautiful overall look.

Interested in getting a set of BC Racing Coilovers for Camaro or Niche Wheels for your Chevrolet Camaro?  Give the Mod Experts at ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330, dial x8006 for Alan.

Story & Photos by Nick Gregson