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It’s a story I hear often from ST enthusiasts… “After taking a ride in one, I had to have one.” That was the story for Justin W of Attention To Detail SoCal, who took a ride in Martin C’s Cobb Stage 3 Focus ST and was so blown away by the ridiculous torque, power and handling the car had to offer, he went out and bought one for himself. And of course, being a prolific modder, he couldn’t leave it stock – before the real plates had even showed up, Justin had gotten in touch with Mod Expert Blake and ordered a full suite of parts to personalize the hell out of his 2015 Focus ST.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-9Here’s one last look at how it was laid out stock.

Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-12 Some big changes were in store – a set of highlighter yellow powdercoated fifteen52 Turbomac wheels for Focus ST and a shiny new set of BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers for Focus ST with a little help from Mod Expert Blake to coordinate it all.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-15 Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-16 The fifteen52 Turbomac wheels for Focus ST are spec’d out at 18×9 ET42, in what else, 5x108mm.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-17 Let’s take a closer look at the BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers for Focus ST – for just 10 benjamins, they offer 30 way adjustment, giving you a hell of a lot of bang for your suspension buck.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-18


Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-31 Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-32

Let’s take a closer look at that mountune Intercooler for Focus ST. Look at this beauty. While most other intercoolers on the market are made using a “bar plate” core for their FMICs, the mountune FMIC for Focus ST is a tube-fin core design. The tube fin construction is lighter weight and much more efficient than bar plate, meaning that even though it may be lower displacement than other intercoolers on the market, this design is more efficient at exchanging the heat.

Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-19Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-22We really like the attention to detail with mountune parts, you really feel like you’re getting something that’s beautifully finished that you can be proud to install.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-23 Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-33The custom powdercoated fifteen52 Turbomac wheels for Focus ST were ready to go with their Hankook Tires mounted, so we were able to get going on installing the BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers for Focus ST first thing in the morning.


Here’s how the BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers for Focus ST look installed – these are quality coilovers that are available at a bargain basement price.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-40 The front is a coil-over-shock setup.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-41The rear is an adjustable spring and shock, which is what you’ll find in 98% of the coilover kits on the market – the threaded perches allow for precise control over how low it goes.


Next was actually installing the mountune Intercooler for 2015 Focus ST, which requires removing the front bumper fascia and omits the rather pointless and obstructive grille shutters that can block airflow to the intercooler, especially when tuned.

Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-44 Here’s how the mountune Intercooler for 2015 Focus ST stacks up against the stock FMIC. As you can see, it’s fatter and taller than the stock unit with much better designed endtanks.Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-45 Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-46Don’t forget to transfer the MAP sensor off the FMIC onto the new intercooler.
Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-49Next, we installed the mountune Air Intake for Focus ST, which replaces the restrictive OEM upper intake arm with this beautiful, streamlined cast piece that enhances response, and paired with the high flow filter, this setup allows you to really maximize the efficiency of the intake system.


Here’s how the FMIC looks once you reinstall the bumper.


Here’s a look at all the shutters and crap that won’t be going back in.

Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-55After installing the mountune MP275 Package for Focus ST, here’s what Justin had to say about the difference in power:
MP275 – The moment you release the clutch and roll onto the throttle you can feel the responsiveness over the stock ECU. The tires break loose in 1st in WOT as soon boost kicks in. It’s a great feeling in addition to now prominent sound of the intake thanks to the arm and drop-in filter. This is the perfect kit for this looking for some “umph,” but do not want to worry about warranty issues and you can’t beat the sleek look of the black, tube fin Mountune FMIC.”

fifteen52 Turbomac 18×9 ET42 / Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 245/35-18BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers

Check out how the whole package looks – we’re loving how it all came together.


fifteen52 Turbomac 18×9 ET42 / Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 245/35-18BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers

Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-61 Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-62

fifteen52 Turbomac 18×9 ET42 / Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 245/35-18BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers

From every angle, the fitment on Justin’s Focus ST looks awesome.



fifteen52 Turbomac 18×9 ET42 / Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 245/35-18BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers

When most people are considering coilovers, concern about ride quality is usually one of most people’s first concerns, but Justin tells us the ride quality with the BC’s is awesome – check out what he had to say for yourself:

BC Extreme Drop Coilovers for Focus ST – My initial thought as I drove off the Mod Auto lot and headed down Lambert was that I’m riding on pillows. Now, that’s a slight exaggeration as we know the road conditions of Lambert are poor at best, but the BC’s handled the dips, potholes and uneven pavement with ease. The car feels as if it’s rolling over each obstacle without sending a jolt to your kidneys etc. These coilovers are very responsive and handle turns with ease and reduced body roll. Definitely a great investment considering the price tag they carry.”

Focus_ST_2015_MP275_fifteen52_Turbomac_18x9et42-1fifteen52 Turbomac 18×9 ET42 / Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 245/35-18BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers


The mountune Air Intake for Focus ST looks great under the hood as a part of the MP275 package.


All told, now Justin’s Tuxedo black 2015 Focus ST performs as sharp as it looks with even more responsive handling and acceleration than the car already boasted to begin with – not to mention a better-than-stock ride!


fifteen52 Turbomac 18×9 ET42 / Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 245/35-18BC Racing Extreme Drop Coilovers

We hope you enjoyed the photos and video, and we’ll see you next time!

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Story, Video & Photos Nick Gregson