If you’re an Audi B9 A4 or S4 owner then finding aftermarket parts for your car isn’t the easiest thing at the moment (unless of course you read our recent blog article on the best A4/S4 parts available). Parts are coming out slow and some of the big names in the industry have not yet brought their usual lineup of parts to the table. Exterior parts have been particularly sparse with barely any offerings beyond the usual ebay parts and one or two basic options from other manufacturers. However, thanks to our friends over at Morph Auto Design, this is fortunately no longer the case! The body kit we teased at the end of our B9 article has been fully released and is looking fantastic. All their pieces are full carbon fiber and designed to benefit your vehicle aerodynamically instead of solely being cosmetic.

We currently only have pictures of the parts themselves and rendered images but we will be adding photos when we are able to set up photo time with someone who has these parts installed.



Morph Auto Design

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Morph, they are a manufacturer which solely works with high quality exterior parts for high performance vehicles. All of their parts are made of a 2×2 Carbon Fiber weave and go through enormous amounts of testing and refinement before being made available to the public. Their current lineup of body kits include the Fang kit for the BMW M4, the Hydra kit for the Lamborghini Huracan, and the Icarus kit for the Porsche Macan. Their new kit has been dubbed the “Simplicita” due to its tasteful OEM+ design. If you’d like to learn a bit more about Morph and their design/testing process then check out our recent Morph Auto Design blog article. If you prefer your information in video form then check out the video below for a basic overview of the company and what they do.



Front Lip

The M.A.D (Morph Auto Design) front lip is extremely aggressive accent to the already striking front end of the B9. The lines of the front bumper are extended seamlessly and you will even see that the lip has two “fangs” which follow the front bumper lines upwards and blends with them. This makes for a very striking look that also works to improve frontal airflow to grant you better stability.







Upper Valances/GT Canards

Although not strictly required for a “complete” kit, the Upper Valances and GT Canards are a great way to further accent your front end. The Valances help to smooth out airflow to the sides of the vehicle and add a little more Carbon Fiber to accompany the Front Lip. The Canards are great for if you want a bit more front aero and stability, they act as miniature wings to give you a bit of downforce which helps with cornering and straight line stability. We unfortunately have no images of them installed (even in a rendering) but we have outlined where they are meant to be installed.





A Diffuser is one of the best ways to add a bit of character to the back of your B9 while also reducing drag. The strakes (fins) of the diffuser help to channel turbulent air and reduce the aerodynamic inconsistencies which normally occur behind a moving vehicle. Because of their reputation in race applications, diffusers are associated with performance so you get a lot of race-car style points when you equip your car with one.







The M.A.D. Trunk Spoiler is a nice way to add a bit more of a performance touch to your B9 and add a little extra rear end stability. A small spoiler can give you a little bit of downforce at speed while simultaneously assisting the diffuser in channeling air to counteract rear end turbulence. It also gives the trunk a more aggressive angle rather than sloping too far down at the back which generally makes for a softer rear aesthetic.






Side Skirts

These side skirts are beautifully designed to mesh well with the factory skirts. They act as a bridge between the Front Lip/Valence/Canards at the front and the Diffuser/Wing at the back. Without skirts the car would look incomplete, they are definitely not a standalone piece but they tie the whole kit together nicely. We unfortunately only have the renderings of this piece but we will of course be adding images of the part and of it installed as soon as we can.



If you’re interested in getting the Simplicita Full Carbon Fiber Body Kit for your own B9 our Mod Experts would be happy to help you verify fitment and help you choose which pieces fit your style. You can give us a call at 714-582-3330 or email sales@modbargains.com.