Camaro Callout

A few months back we introduced you to this nasty Twin Turbo V6 Camaro. Bumblebee’s evil Decepticon Arch-Nemesis is back again to step up its performance game with big brakes to match the thrust of the TTV6 and a set of wheels for Camaro big enough to accommodate the calipers. the Mod Experts helped Michael F get the new Brembo Big Brakes for Camaro installed.



To refresh your memory, here’s how the Camaro looked rolling into the shop for the Camaro Brake upgrade – note the factory steel wheel option.


Under the car, you get a glimpse of the custom Camaro Exhaust mated to the twin turbo setup.


And of course, here’s another look at the twins.

Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-1 The Brembo Brake Calipers for Camaro had been used before, and ironically still had some “MONSTER” lettering on them. Appropriate.Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-2

A set of larger rotors for Chevrolet Camaro were also needed to match the bigger brakes.


Here’s how the OEM calipers looked.


Our expert installation team made quick work of the brake conversion.

Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-10Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-5After we mounted the new brakes, we bled the brake system and ensured that everything was working proper. Once we had that squared away though, we took the car outside to snap a few photos.Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-18The larger brakes and wheels look great, leaving some Camaro Suspension mods as the next thing likely on the to-do list.Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-19Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-20The level of stealthy aggression just keeps stepping up and we can’t wait to see what Michael F and the Mod Experts have in store for this very different modded Camaro.Camaro_V6_Turbo_BremboBrakes_Wheels_-22

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos. Check out our other great upgrades for the Camaro here. Email the Mod Experts directly at or simply call at 714.582.3330 to change the look of your ride or schedule your install today!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson