If you have been following the aftermarket auto parts industry relatively closely there has been a trend apparent among manufacturers. Parts for a lot of “classic” (20-30 years old) JDM and Euro vehicles are being produced once again, often accounting for the age of the vehicles in their production. KW is making coilovers for the BMW E30 which come with forged spindles preinstalled on the fronts so you no longer have to weld (or more likely get a shop to weld) your new coilovers onto the stock spindles. Greddy is producing exhausts for old 240s and Civics but they are designed for vehicles that have SR20 and K20 engine swaps (because honestly who is buying an older JDM car and heavily modding with the original motor still in it?). This trend is amazing because older vehicles are much more accessible to people who may not be able to afford a new car but can afford to mod an older one, so making newer parts for older cars using modern manufacturing techniques and materials helps to rejuvenate that segment of enthusiasts. The latest addition to this lineup of classic designs for classic vehicles is the Momo Heritage 6 wheels.




The Heritage 6 is a modern re-creation of Momo’s lightweight alloy wheels from the 1970s. For those familiar with the racing scene in the 70’s and 80’s it is the same design as the wheels used on the Formula One Championship winning Brabham BT52 from 1983 (see below). Needless to say these wheels retain Momo’s reputation for quality products that has endured for decades. For the Heritage 6 Momo has adopted some modern wheel manufacturing methods to keep strength and quality up, while keeping price and weight down. This process, called Rotary Forging (you may have heard of it as “flow forming”), combines a cast wheel face with a rolled barrel so you get a very strong wheel that is lighter than cast and is flexible enough to absorb impacts and not crack under the pressure. Currently the wheel is available in 17″ and 18″ diameters with various widths from 8″ to 12″ which is perfect for most older vehicles which are generally smaller than today’s behemoths larger vehicles.


Brabham BT52



Now, let’s talk extra features. A classic designed flow formed wheel is great, but what if it only fits certain vehicles? Well you definitely don’t need to worry about that, Momo has had the forethought to see that these wheels would attract a wide variety of car owners. Instead of having a range of premade sizes and offsets, they are offering buyers the ability to customize these wheels to their heart’s content. Like with any other wheel the first thing you do is determine the diameter you want and then figure out what widths you want. After that, normally your only option is to look through the offsets available and try to figure out what would fit your vehicle the closest. With the Heritage 6 you get a few more options. First you get a choice between 3 different outer lip sizes in 15mm, 35mm, and 65mm (see below, note: certain lips are only available in certain widths). Next you get a choice between 9 different color options with both matte and gloss options available. Finally, instead of specifying offsets, you include your vehicle information along with any fender/suspension modifications you have. This allows Momo to produce the exact offsets your vehicle needs for proper fitment and makes your wheels basically bespoke to your vehicle alone.



Color Options


While uncommon, this level of customization is not unheard of in the industry. Forged wheel companies such as ADV1 and CCW offer oodles of customization options for all types of vehicles, but the price of entry is generally rather high. Forgestar, one of our favorite wheel companies, also offers customizable rotary forged/flow formed wheels with very similar options to Momo. The difference with Forgestar is that their designs are very decidedly modern in appearance, and while some older vehicles can look great with a newer wheel design they lose some of their classic personality. The Momo Heritage 6 is designed specifically with a classic look to compliment older body lines and rejuvenate a classic vehicle. The retro design of the Heritage 6 can be great for newer vehicles as well if you want to give them a bit of a nostalgic feel while maintaining the reliability you’d expect from a modern wheel.




Although throughout our blog you will constantly be seeing late model vehicles and all the hottest new products for those vehicles it is refreshing to introduce a product that is designed with older vehicles in mind. However, the design is so simple and elegant that it has a great potential for diversity if you have a newer vehicle. If you like the look of the Heritage 6 and want to get a set for your vehicle be sure to hit up one of our Mod Experts at Sales@Modbargains.com or by phone at (714) 582-3330. You can also use the live chat feature on our website if you want to speak to a Mod Expert quickly but don’t have time for a phone call.