Did you know a BMW once came with pop-up headlamps? Ever hear of something called an 8-series? The very flagship of BMW and what Bavaria’s finest Motorwerke could do, the E31 BMW 8-Series exemplified what a “Grand Tourer” should be – a big, front mounted engine, long coupe body, plenty of interior space and a luxuriant ride. This E31 is no exception, an 850i, one of the models fitted with the delicious V12 underhood. With unique looks, this is one car that wears Double Kidneys that will have people asking “What is THAT?”bmw-e31-850i-lowering-springs-img-015


The pop-up headlights even feature a projector. These look a lot like what Acura used on the NSX.

Yay for 12 cylinders! This is one of the few BMW production models to come fitted with a V12, and certainly the only such interior is deliciously period-correct, complete with a bigass brick Car-Phone that could be mistaken for a TI-82.


The OEM ride height, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Look at all that wheelgap. For some reason it makes the car look like a tennis shoe. Let’s fix

Look at that Fender gap. even pop-up headlights make up for all that wheelgap. The Mod Experts recommended a set of H&R Sport Springs for BMW E31 8-Series, which drop the front end 1.25in and brings down the rear 1.0in, helping correct that unsightly wheelgap. Have a look at the end result.


Quad black exhaust tips peek out from under the rear bumper of this E31, a subtle touch that offers a hint of aggression without being obnoxious about bmw-e31-850i-lowering-springs-img-003 bmw-e31-850i-lowering-springs-img-006 bmw-e31-850i-lowering-springs-img-004With a fresh stance, the E31 doesn’t look as out of date as the Cassette Tape, but rather with a modern stance on the car, the car actually looks surprisingly contemporary, taking years off its aesthetic and the H&R Sport Springs enhance the performance of the E31 Suspension.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson