A while back we had this F82 BMW M4 come through the shop to be fitted with a new performance intake system for BMW S55 engines to give the M4 the power it needed to live up to its exterior. In our guide to the best mods for the F82 BMW M4, the first three things to take care of are wheels, suspension and exhaust – and this M4 had already handled those – which leaves us the F82 M4’s Intake System. The Mod Experts got to work, opting for an Injen Performance Air Intake for BMW F82 M4 + F80 M3.


Already dressed in some great exterior mods for F82 M4 – like a BMW Performance Front Splitter Kit for F82 M4, which added a durable ABS lower front splitter (the bit most likely to contact things- good thinking BMW!), paired with Carbon Fiber Side Splitters which give the M4 a much more aggressive, motorsport oriented look.



Under the hood, here’s how it all looks with the Injen Intake for F82 BMW M4 installed – the dual cones and heat shields make great use of the factory carbon fiber reinforcement beam, using it as the backing for the heat shields to bring in the coldest incoming air charge. A lower intake air temperature means the intercooler has less heat to get rid of, meaning a cooler Charge Air Temp, which means MOAR POWAH.


From a distance, the Injen Intake looks perfectly at home under the M4’s bonnet. But it’s not just about good looks.

Good for a max gain of 19 more horsepower and a whopping 23lb/ft more torque to the rear wheels, the Injen Intake for BMW F82 M4 & F80 M3 offers both a much more satisfying engine note and faster acceleration to match the exhaust note. Speaking of the exhaust… let’s have a look at that, shall we?

Besides that Carbon Fiber Performance Style Rear Spoiler for F82 M4, those four bigass split exhaust tips tell you that this exhaust system for the M4 can only be from one source: Meisterschaft. And once you hear the thing fire up, you KNOW that’s the Meisterschaft sound. Let’s just say it’s not for the introverted or faint of heart.


The GT Haus Meisterschaft Exhaust for F82 BMW M4 delivers a bold sound and aggressive look that will turn heads everywhere you go – and for quite a distance around you. If you’re looking for something with that deliciously bold race car sound, this is for you. You will find no subtlety here, that’s for sure.


Peeking out from under the carbon fiber rear diffuser, the larger tips really give the back end of the car a much fuller, more complete look – which lends credence to the need for upgrading the M4 Exhaust system, for aesthetics as well as sound. What’s the fun of your badass turbo six if you can hardly hear the damn thing? Much like not everyone has the same taste in music, not everyone prefers the same sound – check out some of the exhaust options available for the F82 BMW M4 in the exhaust section of the Best Mods for F82 M4 if you’re interested in something for yourself.


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Story & Photos Nick Gregson