This striking deep blue modded BMW E46 M3 came in a few weeks ago – we thought it was black at first, but as the light hit it, the deep shade of blue stood out. The owner of this particular E46 BMW M3 brought the car in to see Mod Expert Elliott Goodman to change up the look of his M3. The car already sported a good number of modifications, but nothing stays static forever.


Quad black exhaust tips poke out from the Carbon Fiber CSL Style Rear Diffuser for E46 M3, revealing the Dinan Exhaust for E46 M3.


Let’s take a closer look.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_CSL_Front_end_img2 (3) Up close, the LED Corner Lamps for BMW E46 stand out and look rather sharp, and the One-Piece Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW E46 M3 CSL makes the already aggressive CSL bumper “pop” even more.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_CSL_Front_end_img2 (4) The E46 M3 really does look its best in CSL dress, the CSL Style Front Bumper for BMW E46 makes a huge difference in the appearance of the front end.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_HR_Springs_001

This M3 sits on a set of H&R Sport Springs for BMW E46 M3 – and has for quite some time apparently – the H&R Springs drop the E46 M3 Suspension 1.5 inches up front and .5in in the back, contributing to the great stance on the car.



From this angle we can get a better look at the Carbon Fiber CSL Style Rear Diffuser for BMW E46 M3, which has been partially painted to make the carbon around the tips stand out even more as well as the Dinan Cat-Back Exhaust for BMW E46 M3.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-5

To change up the look a bit, Elliott set this M3 up with a set of Matte Black Avant Garde M359 wheels for BMW, spec’d at 19×9 ET35 up front with a fat 19×10 ET25 out back to accomodate some beefy tires appropriate for the M3.

After getting the tires mounted, we mounted the wheels and got the M3 back on the ground to check out how the car came out.

BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-1 This M3 really has the dark look on lockdown, with Midnight Blue paint, Black exhaust tips, black wheels and Carbon Fiber accents.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-1-2

The CSL Style Front Bumper and lip look great from straight on – every bit as good as it looked when it debuted nearly a decade ago.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-3

From this angle the dimensions of the CSL Style Trunk Lid for BMW E46 Coupe really stands out, and honestly that ducktail really does wonders for the back end of the E46.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-6 BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-7 Here’s the side profile, which gives you a good idea of how H&R Springs for BMW E46 M3 will sit.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-10 The GLOCK decal on the Carbon Fiber Front Lip for CSL Bumpers gave us a chuckle – after talking to so many auto enthusiasts, we’ve noticed that often car guys are passionate about firearms as well.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-14 With the headlights on, we also get an idea of how the LED Corner Lights for E46 look when turned on.BMW_E46_M3_BlackBlue_Avant_Garde_M359_Black_19x9_19x10_CSL-15

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson