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For a decade now, we at ModBargains have strived to be the best that we can – for our customers, we want to provide the best service experience possible – for our employees, we want to provide a great, positive working environment that suits our collective passion for cars – and for the community, we want to contribute to the communities we’re a part of.

ModBargains CEO and co-founder Mike Brown has been awarded special Congressional recognition for Outstanding Business Leadership in the Automotive and Internet Space by U.S. Congressman John Campbell at a ceremony at the Congressman’s offices in Irvine, Calif.”

After a decade of pioneering in internet automotive retail and evolving from two guys in the library at Chapman University into fast-growing, bustling two-location business it is today. As technology has evolved so rapidly in that space of time, the business has grown with it, changing to meet the ravenous demand for content of the internet by expanding their marketing efforts into Social Media channels like Facebook, the ModBargains YouTube Channel and Google Plus. As the press release put it, “(ModBargains) was able to demonstrate the power of having real-time two way conversations enabled through modern Social Media platforms, and the resulting important benefits such as driving efficiencies in the market and improving the relationship between business and consumer, or as in this case, the automotive enthusiasts.”

We’ve changed a lot and it’s great that our government has taken notice of our efforts here, and it’s just one more reason that you know that you can trust the Modification Experts at ModBargains with the parts and accessories for your car.

You can check out the full press release here.

Story by Nicholas Gregson via PRNewsWire