At ModBargains we are dedicated to helping people reach their car modification goals. It’s a thing of beauty to watch a brand new stock vehicle slowly take shape until it is unique to the owner. I have had the pleasure of watching many of our loyal customers vehicles come to life with a variety of different Mods. One of my favorite things to watch is a new customer that comes into our shop to do his first mod on a new car. That’s usually where the excitement begins and the mod bug has bitten. I have personally been bitten by the Mod Bug each time I get a new car.  I like to look at modified cars to see what is possible and to get ideas on what I would like to do to my own vehicle.  Modbargains has been working on a section of the website to show case our loyal customer’s cars and have them tell you about their experiences with ModBargains. 

We are proud to introduce our champions section of our website. This new section is dedicated to showing off cars that have been modified at ModBargains. We want the car community to see different options available for their specific car models. The goal of this section is to allow people new to the modification world a chance to see what is out there for their vehicles and maybe get an Idea of the products that are for them.  All of the chosen car enthusiasts have been long time customers of ModBargains with multiple modifications done to their vehicles. Most if not all of the parts and work done on these vehicles have been done here at Modbargains.

Check them out below – Just click on the car to find out more about the build!





It’s been our pleasure to watch these once stock vehicles evolve into some killer rides.  Thanks to all of our champions who are participating in this project. We appreciate your love of modified cars, time, and honest opinions of Modbargains.

Story by Brandon Ybarra
Edited by Nicholas Gregson