Last month we had our first monthly Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/86 meetup at ModAuto – and to ring in our first event we held something of a “lighting clinic” to get everyone up to speed on illumination upgrades for the ZN6/ZC6 platform. As many of you guys know, we keep inventory of Valenti Tail Lights for the FR-S/BRZ on hand here and offer installation as well – but we also are a major stocking distributor of other lighting upgrades February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-1

This white FR-S with the FMIC peeking out of the front grille is one of the first cars to sport the Full Blown Turbo Kit for Scion FR-S/BRZ, installed right here at ModAuto. Since this was a meet focused on lighting, most of the fun stuff would happen after sunset, but some of the earliest arrivals had interesting stuff to check out, like the APR Performance Front Splitter for Scion FR-S/BRZ, which is one of the few functional aerodynamic parts available for the Toyobaru twins that actually makes real downforce.February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-5


February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-8 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-6We had a grip to do, so we tried to snap everyone’s cars as they showed up before the sun set.
February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-9 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-10 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-11 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-13 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-14 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-16 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-18 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-29 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-30 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-34 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-37 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-38

A classic A60 Toyota Celica GT-S showed up as well – the last of the RWD Toyota Celicas and at 2400lbs, with its proportioning, the bodylines of the A60 seem to be more likely the real source of the FR-S/BRZ’s DNA – because let’s be honest, the FR-S/BRZ is too pretty, it lacks the hunchbacked awkwardness of the AE86 Corolla that gives it that funky charm. February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-40 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-41

“First I was like LOL, but then I was like SRS BIZNESS”


In addition to offering Valenti LED Tail Lights, TOM’S LED Tail Lights and Winjet LED DRL Projector Headlights for FR-S/BRZ and Winjet FR-S/BRZ Fog Lights in Clear or YELLOW, we also offer a number of lighting upgrades from Diode Dynamics. During our lighting clinic we showed these Local “86” owners what some of the options were for illumination – and how to install the mods.

One of the Diode Dynamics FR-S Lighting mods we demonstrated was the Tail As Turn + Backup LED Module for FR-S/BRZ which gives your OEM tails an entirely different look and function.

February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-53 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-52

By the time it got dark, we had quite a few ZN6/ZC6 in attendance, we guess somewhere around 40 cars.
February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-57 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-60

One of these things is not like the others….

Of all the randomness, our friends from ARK Performance who work a few miles away decided to cruise over and rolled up in their ARK Legato Widebody Genesis Coupe – which was neat to see on the street since we haven’t seen the car since SEMA.February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-65 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-68 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-70 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-83
By some fluke, all white and silver FR-S/BRZ’s parked together, actually, it was neat to see more than one BRZ at a time – usually the ratio of FR-S to BRZ is like 9 FR-S to 1 BRZ.February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-77


FR-S Specialist Charles also debuted his Electric Supercharger, which caused quite a stir. While it makes just 5psi, the e-Supercharger caused more of a stir than the turbo or supercharged cars that were also in attendance. And to be frank, “Electric Supercharger” used to be a joke.
February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-80 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-82 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-83 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-84 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-85 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-86 February_2015_Scion_FRS_Subaru_BRZ_LocalFRS_Meet-87

Thanks to everyone that came out for our 1st Monthly FR-S/BRZ Meetup, we’ll see you guys again for April’s meetup!

See you then!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson with help from Charles Pages