Hosting local events for us is a fantastic way to build up and strengthen our existing relationships with other companies and show our customers who we are and what we love to do, and being able to extend an invite to DINAN Engineering was no exception.  Most likely you have heard of Dinan, but if not, here is the rundown:  They make all the “fun” parts for your BMW from wheels, intercoolers, intakes, exhaust, suspension, brakes and even tuning!  Of course they brought out their GIANT 18-wheeler and it looked killer parked in front of our building.  Dinan tuning is definitely a strong player in the aftermarket community and since we are an authorized dealer, its easy to for us to say that Dinan for BMW goes hand in hand, easily modding your car to perfection.modbargains-modauto-dinan-meet-july-2016-6

Since Dinan is so well known, attracting customers from throughout Socal was pretty easy-even with it being really hot out and our lot quickly started to fill up.  Many of the usual suspects showed up and we even had a surprise visit from a brand new BMW M2.



Seeing many familiar faces was nice, and there were tons of new car enthusiasts out that we had the pleasure of meeting!modbargains-modauto-dinan-meet-july-2016-15

As we do with most co-op events, we had a free raffle with extra tickets available for purchase with ALL proceeds going to R.O.W.W. (Reach out World Wide)


The guys from Dinan were very nice and definitely know their stuff-hearing about some new developments and products in the pipeline is exciting, and you know we’ll be the first to get to have the product in our hands and installed at our shop!


Raffle winners happily came forward to claim their prizes!  Who doesn’t like free swag?



Co-Founder and CEO Mike Brown gave a tour of the ModBargains and Mod Auto facilities, plus he had the chance to show off our newly setup AWD Dyno, which we are NOW booking appointments for!  (Fear not, our AWD dyno can handle FWD, RWD or AWD cars).


modbargains-modauto-dinan-meet-july-2016-23 modbargains-modauto-dinan-meet-july-2016-18  modbargains-modauto-dinan-meet-july-2016-10 modbargains-modauto-dinan-meet-july-2016-11 modbargains-modauto-dinan-meet-july-2016-16

Since we like to stock the brands we love, more than likely you will be seeing a post from us soon about Dinan Parts for BMW being stocked HERE in our warehouse!  Keep a look out for some pallets getting delivered soon!  Of course, check out ALL of the Dinan for BMW parts we have-and keep in mind that any Dinan parts for BMW you order from us will STILL earn you points toward your Dinan Badge.  Give us a call at 714-582-3330 and our Mod Experts here can help you with any Dinan Engineering parts for your BMW.