Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-10The R56 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works (JCW) is a great little platform, with its short overhangs and wide stance, the thing is more roadgoing Go-Kart than passenger vehicle. Still, even the big daddy of Minis, the JCW, can benefit from a sharpened suspension. That’s why a set of adjustable coilovers from ST Suspensions was an ideal solution.Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-1 Compared side by side with the OEM shocks, the difference is quickly apparent.
Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-4 On the works model, while it damn near came with factory coilovers on all four corners, the enhanced dampers of the ST Suspensions Coilovers for Mini R56 should yield a more responsive ride than the outgoing stock units.Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-5 Sr Install Tech Dave makes quick work of converting the R56 Suspension from JCW over to the ST coilovers.Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-6 With the car back on the ground outside, we could take a few moments to appreciate the drop on the JCW.Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-7 Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-9 Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-10

Mini_Cooper_R56_JCW_ST_Coilovers-11The drop on this Mini looks killer, and we have to say that we wish we saw more Mini Coopers coming through the shop, but those Mini Maniacs seem to be few and far between. That said, do you feel like your Mini needs some help motoring?

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson