If you are looking to increase power output of your boosted BMW N54 or N55, Audi or Porsche 911 Turbo, one of the most effective and simple mods you can make to the car is the addition of a methanol injection system. Having the ability to cool the intake charge effectively increases your engine’s output by cooling the outgoing pressure from your turbo. This essentially makes the air charge much cooler and more dense. The more O2 your engine inhales, the more hp it makes.  

Methanol Injection works by spraying a finely atomized mist of water and methanol into the intake tract. As the mixture changes states from liquid to vapor, it drastically drops inlet air temps for better combustion and more horsepower…and that’s without adding any mechanical doodads to your car, just an external system that can really increase the fun of your boosted ride.
Depending on your engine combination (boost level, other mods, etc.), customers have seen power gains of 20-percent more power, so a 300 hp engine would gain 60 horsepower, and that’s definitely something you can feel. AEM offers a AEM Methanol Injection System for BMW N54, an AEM Methanol Injection System for Audi and an AEM Methanol Injection System for 911 Turbo models, though other manufacturers also offer systems as well (ask a Mod Expert if you don’t see one for your application)
At ModBargains we offer a couple meth injection kits, but one of our favorite setups is AEM’s system. Features include an injection controller that allows the user to dial-in the water/meth mixture. The wiring is simple and the kit includes everything needed to take your car to the next level. Couple this methanol kit with one of our larger front mount intercoolers and you can drastically increase the performance of your car without breaking a sweat– or the bank. It’s worth noting that Burger Tuning also offers a Methanol System for N54 and N55 as well.
Interested in adding a Methanol system to your car? Talk to the Mod Experts – call us at 714-582-3330 to speak to an Expert today or even get your advice direct from the Author. Call today and discover for yourself why we truly are “The Modification Experts.”
Story by Jake Amatisto, Mod Expert in Collaboration with Nick Gregson