Jeremy Clarkson famously described it as ‘mental’. Beastly. Monstrous. Angry. Wild. All of these adjectives are appropriate for ModBargains co-founder Ron Hay‘s latest acquisition –  a W204 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. When we last heard from Ron, he shared his experience with Motor Oil – specifically, synthetic motor oil – in his Porsche 996TT. Since you’ve seen that car last, it’s had a host of upgrades, but more on Ron’s Porsche 996TT in a separate, upcoming post here on our blog.


Typically, you’d think of a Mercedes Benz product as being refined, stately, quiet. Not so with this snorting, snarling beast.


Quad Exhaust tips bark from beneath the rear diffuser, each push of the go pedal unleashing 6.2 liters of fury.IMG_1001

We had to capture some “before” photos, because like the rest of us here, Ron couldn’t leave his C63 AMG stock for very long. First up is a Carbon Fiber front Lip, CF rear diffuser, a drop, a set of wheels and a custom exhaust system, among many more upgrades.
IMG_1005 IMG_1008

Ron’s new pet project makes its debut at the perfect time, because we now offer parts and service for Late model Mercedes Benz vehicles as well.IMG_1009

Take a good long look, because this car won’t look like this for too much longer with a whole host of mods for this W204 up Ron’s sleeve, it’ll destroy its tires even faster than it did in stock form.

Wanna mod your Mercedes like Ron’s about to? Talk to the Mod Expertsor heck, Ron himself – to see how we can make your Benz even more of a beauty – or BEAST. Give us a call at 714-582-3330, email us at or chat live on so that a Mod Expert can assist you with virtually any aftermarket upgrade for a Mercedes Benz you can imagine.

Thanks for reading, and join us again soon for an update on the 996TT and hopefully, a look at what’s been done to the Benz.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson