A while back we had this gorgeous Melbourne Red BMW F30 335i in the shop for a major change in its appearance and performance. Mod Expert Blake Brunner had set this car up with two of the best mods for BMW F30 335i –  a fresh new set of wheels for BMW F30 and F30 suspension upgrades to match.

BMW_F30_335i_HR_SuperSport_HRE_FF01_Silver-2 A set of HRE FF01 Wheels for BMW in liquid silver finish is a fantastic choice for nearly any car.

To give the car the drop it needed to compliment the new wheels, we installed set of H&R Super Sport Springs for BMW F30 to drop the car and give it sharper handling performance. It also doesn’t hurt that the red springs match the paint.


These H&R Super Sport Springs for BMW F30 335i drop the car 1.75in up front and 1.6in at the rear for a much more aggressive stance.


Under the hood we found a BMS Performance Intake for BMW F30 335i (though we didn’t sell or install it here), which allows the N55 under the hood to breathe freely for an extra 10+ horsepower.


BMW_F30_335i_HR_SuperSport_HRE_FF01_Silver-10To give the rear of the car a bit more of an accent to match the black OEM BMW Performance Black Exhaust Tips, we added a Performance Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler for BMW F30 to give the rear end more flavor and flair.



Here’s another look at the Performance Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler for BMW F30.

Now all that was left was to mount the HRE Flow Form Wheels.
BMW_F30_335i_HR_SuperSport_HRE_FF01_Silver-17 With the H&Rs Installed and riding on the HRE FF01s, this F30 looks absolutely stunning against the stormy skies.BMW_F30_335i_HR_SuperSport_HRE_FF01_Silver-19 The liquid silver HREs really stands out in contrast to the intense red finish.BMW_F30_335i_HR_SuperSport_HRE_FF01_Silver-20 The stance of the car is spot on, filling out the wheel arches perfectly.BMW_F30_335i_HR_SuperSport_HRE_FF01_Silver-21

From every angle, we love how this car came out, and it’s a prime example of how just wheels and tires can make all the difference. Want to get your F30 looking like this one? Give Mod Expert Blake a call at 714-867-5309 x8011.

Want to know more about modding your BMW F30? Need something installed? Talk to the Mod Experts, give us a call at 714-582-3330 to chat with our team of experts like Blake (x8011) or stop by the ModAuto showroom in La Habra CA during business hours (8-5 M-Sat) and talk to our experts in person.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson