F83 BMW M4 with Injen Intake for BMW S55 & Evolution Racewerks S55 Chargepipes + Painted Engine Cover

Yesterday we had the pleasure of giving this bright yellow F83 BMW M4 Cabrio a major increase in performance here at ModAuto. Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei helped coordinate the power package to give this M4 some major oomph, and many of the mods we did here were on our Best Mods for BMW M4 guide a while back.

The Injen intake for BMW M4 alone is good for an increase of +12whp and 23wtq, not to mention the significant change in the engine note of that sweet turbo six S55. Compounding that increase is the fact that this M4 rolled in already equipped with the ESS E-tronic tuner for S55 BMW M4 (and M3 as well), boosting output to 550HP / 560TQ – before factoring in the Injen Intake.


This shade of yellow really is impactful on the M4. It’s one of those polarizing “love it or hate it” kind of things, but it’s really grown on us.
F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-6The car’s not without its share of cosmetic mods, either, it rolled in wearing a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Rear Diffuser and a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler. To go with its blacked out look, we removed the OEM exhaust tips and had them ceramic coated black to better match the car.

F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-11Check out how it looks in the light.

F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-5Here’s how the tips looked BEFORE.
F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-13 The black ceramic tips flow beautifully with the M4 Carbon Fiber Diffuser.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-14 The Black Painted M4 Trunk Emblem is a nice touch that ties the look of the rear end together.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-16 And of course, if you’re going to do one detail, you can’t forget the rest, which is why you can see Black Chrome Sidemarker Grilles for BMW M4 on the fenders, and the thing you might not notice are the Painted Front Reflectors for BMW M4, which omit that nasty amber blob required for US standards.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-17 Here’s a better look at those painted front reflectors.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-18 A look under the hood tells you this car is all about the details – the Painted S55 Engine Cover has been done in the same shade of yellow as the exterior and marked with proper BMW ///M colors.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-19The Injen Twin Short Ram Intake for BMW M4 compliments the S55 engine beautifully and makes great use of the factory carbon fiber support running fore to aft as a divider wall to keep unwanted heat away from the intake inlets.

F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-20 The bright polished tubes you see there are a set of Evolution Racewerks Chargepipes for BMW M4 – at higher boost levels, already the stock chargepipes are beginning to fail, so replacing them with these chargepipes from Evolution Racewerks is both a boon to performance and a great preventive item that eliminates a potential point of failure.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-21 All together, the chargepipes, intake, painted engine cover and ESS e-Tronic tune (again, which was already installed on the vehicle when it came in) should put down quite a bit of power when the car is dyno’d later today at another local shop. We reckon the car will be well into the 5’s at the wheels, even on a conservative dyno.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-22


F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-25 With so much great looking stuff under the hood, it’s a shame to cover it up.F83_BMW_M4_Evolution_Racewerks_Chargepipes_Injen_Intake-26

With its blacked out coordinated details, this M4 Cabrio looks incredible from the side profile, and that stance happens to be factory, as BMW Cabrios always are lower from the factory than the hardtop.


Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoyed the photos.


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Story & Photos Nick Gregson