In entirely stock form, the Volkswagen Golf R makes 288 horsepower which is a little underwhelming in comparison to its competitors. While that’s still a healthy amount for a hot-hatch, no one complains about more power. Thanks to Volkswagen’s use of large turbochargers, the Golf R loves bolt-on modifications such as an exhaust. This is where MBRP Exhaust Systems comes in with their recently designed MBRP PRO Series Catback Exhaust for the Golf R MK7 & MK7.5The MBRP PRO Series is the best performance exhaust system that money can buy. They’re designed and built for the serious enthusiast who will settle for nothing less. Constructed from T304 stainless steel it delivers you optimal durability that keeps on looking its best. The exhaust system features 3” tubing throughout with a mild to moderate sound level—if you’re someone that wants an aggressive exhaust note all while being able to take your Golf R on long (or short) commutes this exhaust system will be perfect for you. It also features a 24% flow increase and towards the back are 4” OD Dual out tips. Instead of a muffler, MBRP went with a Helmholtz resonator to turn up the volume while eliminating any drone. Helmholtz technology allows the engineers to tune out any unwanted frequencies a performance exhaust may end up creating. Visually speaking, you have the option to select between carbon fiber quad tips or your standard T304 stainless steel tips. Our customer opted for the carbon fiber quad tips finish as you can see pictured below.

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How are MBRP Exhaust Systems Built?

MBRP exhaust systems are built to perform, designed to maximize exhaust flow, and minimize exhaust temperatures in your vehicle. Every system MBRP puts on the market has been built to the most exacting standards in the industry.

MBRP performance gas exhaust systems experience countless hours on their in-house Mustang 1100 AWD-SE Chassis Dynamometer. Including hundreds of miles on road and track testing with numerous tweaks and modifications to get the most out of your vehicle. From the vehicle specific muffler design to the fully mandrel bent tubing to minimal bend degree angles, your MBRP performance system gets exhaust out fast. An MBRP performance exhaust system is the starting point to getting the most from cold air intakes, programmers, modules, and downloaders.

Performance is one thing but at MBRP they believe that appearance and sound are just as important. Every performance exhaust system has been specifically tuned to get the most optimal sound. With MBRP stamped logo on the tip and their unmistakable styling, there’s no question that you have the hottest performance exhaust on the road.

Product Features:

  • Enhanced sound
  • Increased performance
  • 3″ T304 stainless steel construction
  • 3″ mandrel bent tubing
  • 4″ dual tips
  • Valve delete


  • 2015 – 2017 VW MK7 Golf R
  • 2018 – 2020 VW MK7.5 Golf R

Be sure to check out our “Exhaust Notes: MBRP Exhaust Golf R Mk7.5” video down below to hear the before and after sounds and let us know what you guys think! If you’re interested in purchasing an MBRP Exhaust System or any other parts for your vehicles, please reach out to one of our highly experienced ModExperts (714-582-3330 | or check out our website