Fifteen52 Tarmac – Silver – 17×8 ET40

Eric N is no stranger to attention. A regular at our Third Wednesdays Monthly ST/EcoBoost/Ford meets here at ModBargains (5-8pm Jan 21st is the next date), Eric wanted to get an exhaust system that noone else locally had, and one that would have the sort of sound he was looking for as well- when he heard about an opportunity to be the first locally to have the MBRP Exhaust for Fiesta ST, Eric jumped on it and scheduled the install here at ModBargains. Eric N’s yellow 270+whp Focus Mk 1 ZX3 was just featured on TheSmokingTire and given the Fifteen52 Tarmac Wheels For Fiesta ST, we’d have to bet that some shows are in this Fiesta’s future as well.

MBRP-CATBACK-FIESTA-ST-ERIC-NELSON-FIFTEEN52TARMAC-IMG001The OEM exhaust system is a 2.5in steel system, whereas the 3in 409 SS MBRP Cat Back Exhaust for Fiesta ST offers a significant increase in the Fiesta ST exhaust diameter allowing for greater flow out of the turbo.


The MBRP Exhaust tips are staggered, meaning the outer most tip is shorter than the inner tip, creating a “slashed” kind of look.
MBRP-CATBACK-FIESTA-ST-ERIC-NELSON-FIFTEEN52TARMAC-IMG003 MBRP-CATBACK-FIESTA-ST-ERIC-NELSON-FIFTEEN52TARMAC-IMG004From this angle it’s a bit easier to see the “slash” effect on the exhaust tip fitment.

Eric N’s wheels are Fifteen52 Tarmac in Silver – 17×8 ET40 – an ideal fitment for the ST, and fifteen52 is now available here at ModBargains.


Comparing it side by side with the 2.5in Cobb Turboback system on our Project Fiesta ST, the 3in MBRP Cat Back Exhaust for Fiesta ST  was a bit louder and more aggressive, and the 3in diameter means of course, it’s going to flow better than the 2.5in system. It’s an excellent fit for where we reckon Eric will take his build next.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson