Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (4)

Darryl L is a new customer here at ModBargains – while we work on Focus ST’s all the time here at ourinstall shop, ModAuto, the sister-car Mazdaspeed3 is much less common around here. Darryl wanted to lower his MS3, and a set of BC Coilovers is one of the best bang-for-the-buck coilovers around. While we don’t have Mazdaspeed3 parts listed on our website, we’re able to offer these parts here.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (3)

So BC Racing Coilovers are about 1000 USD (as of press time for most vehicles for their BR type coilovers. These are an internal reservoir type coilover and offers 30-way adjustments for rebound, damping, camber/caster and ride height. The hardware is durable and looks great on the car; these “feel” like quality parts when you hold them in your hand, kinda like how a luxury car has that safe-door “thunk” when you close the door.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (29)The rear setup, like virtually every other option on the market, is a separate spring with threaded perch paired with an adjustable shock.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (2)

Dave, our Master Install Technician, made quick work of getting the coilovers fitted. Installing a set of coilovers eliminates the ugly wheelgap and can make even the stock wheels look worlds better, which is why lowering your car is a great mod for virtually every vehicle.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (8)

After install, Dave took the MS3 around the block to check the suspension.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (12)Rolling at the new lower ride height, the Speed3 looks even faster.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (15)

With the test done, all we had to do was take the 3 back inside and snap some photos of the finished look.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (24)
Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (17)

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (20)

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (23)
Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (25) Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (26)

Not sure how to make your boring stock car more interesting? Darryl’s Mazdaspeed3 on BC Racing Coilovers exemplifies just how much better a car can look with just a bit of a drop, and makes Mazda’s FWD bruiser even more fun to drive.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson