At ModBargains install facility, ModAuto, we have quite possibly one of the best alignment rigs in the entirety of the southern California region. Our extremely lowered-car friendly Hunter Alignment rig in conjunction with our flush-with the floor alignment lift makes us the place of choice for alignments for supercars and custom builds all over the area. Case in point, this gorgeous matte red F87 BMW M2, customized by our friends over at Impressive Wrap.

This gorgeous machine is ready to hit events all over the region, and to keep it looking show ready, our alignment system is touch-free, meaning that our alignment system’s sensor hubs don’t actually touch your wheels.

After lowering any car, an alignment is virtually a “must”, and this F87 BMW M2’s suspension has been lowered with a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for BMW F87 M2.

Here’s how the Eibach Springs look installed.

Sr Technician Dave adjusts the rear suspension of the M2 to dial it into the correct specifications.
Impressive Wrap’s M2 has already been treated to a few custom upgrades, like this carbon fiber rear diffuser.

A carbon fiber front splitter has also been fitted, along with BMW Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles and an oversized front intercooler.

Here’s a better view of that XL FMIC.

From every angle, that Matte Red finish is just too awesome!!

The lighting has been customized as well, the projectors have been fitted with a set of Demon Eyes to make the car stand out even amongst other show cars.

With the car dialed in to spec, it was time to send it on its way – we’re sure we’ll see this car again very soon. Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson