BMW_E92_335i_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_Remus_Quad_M3_nose_-5 Some things can slip by almost unnoticed if you’re not looking for them, and this gorgeous matte frozen gray E92 BMW 335i is one of those things. Sporting its share of mods, the Mod Experts put the finishing touches on this stealthy beast with a new set of wheels for E92 335i and an upgraded 335i exhaust.


E92 BMW 335i on Coilovers with HRE FF01 Tarmac 19in Wheels + Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

Rocking an M3 Style Bumper for BMW E92 3-Series and Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for E92 and lowered on coilovers, the Frozen Gray Matte finish isn’t the only thing eye catching about this E92 Exterior. To tie together the black accents the car already sported, we fitted it with a set of HRE FF01 Tarmac Wheels for BMW in a 19 inch fitment, paired with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires.



BMW_E92_335i_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_Remus_Quad_M3_nose_-3 The HRE FF01s look great and go well with the drilled and slotted brake rotors.BMW_E92_335i_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_Remus_Quad_M3_nose_-7

To give the rear end a sporting look to match the M3 front bumper, we installed a Remus Quad Exhaust for BMW E92 335i, fitted with Remus‘ trademark Carbon Fiber trimmed “Street Race” style tips. The quad tips echo the M look up front to bring the whole package together.

Here’s another angle of those handsome Remus Carbon Fiber trimmed tips.

BMW_E92_335i_HRE_FF01_Tarmac_Remus_Quad_M3_nose_-14 E92 BMW 335i on Coilovers with HRE FF01 Tarmac 19in Wheels + Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

The right accents can really bring your look together, like we can see overall – the gloss black kidneys match the wheels, the sidemarkers and mirrors, while the new exhaust gives the rear end a sporting character to match the front. We love the way it all comes together and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson