It’s March, and spring is in the air – we’re springing ahead to daylight savings and watching our favorite NCAA teams spring for the jump ball. March Madness is an exciting time for basketball enthusiasts (of which there are a few here at ModBargains) to watch their picks advance through the bracket. Being the car enthusiasts we are, we thought we’d try to bring this excitement to our community of fellow enthusiasts. Enter the Chassis Challenge!

The Chassis Challenge is a gauntlet of matchups that the ModBargains team selected to pit what we thought were some of the most moddable, enthusiast-driven chassis across 4 unique makes. The fun part is up to YOU: to decide the champion! This is not a battle of your favorite build – it’s a battle of what you would build! We’re running the Chassis Challenge all March, and anything can happen – we’ve already had a few upsets and we’re sure there will be many more.

If you’re wondering, “how can I participate?” then head to the court on our Instagram story and get your vote on!

If you’re interested in seeing the results of each matchup in detail, here’s a breakdown of every matchup so far!

Current Bracket

Opening Round Results

Day 1

BMW F82 M4 vs F80 M3

Pitting two siblings against each other in the very first game yielded some exciting 
results. It was a little close, but the sedan still pulled ahead of the coupe halfway 
through the match and stayed there. The F80 M3 wins with 435 votes against the F82 with
318 votes (58% to 42%).

Porsche 993 Turbo S vs Porsche 997 Gt3

Classic vs future classic, easily one of the closest matches of the entire bracket so 
far! With only 15 votes between the two, the 997 GT3 takes the win with 365 votes, and 
the 993 Turbo S receives 350 (51% to 49%).

Audi RS3 vs Volkswagen Golf R

Battle of the hot hatches! The ever-popular VW Golf R takes on its premium sibling, the 
Audi RS3. The two AWD hatches receive a lot of aftermarket attention, but the 
March Modness audience clearly vastly prefers the 5-cyl engine over the 4. The RS3 wins 
with 545 votes, with the Golf R receiving 240 (69% to 31%),

Nissan R32 GTR vs Nissan S30 Z

Two classic enthusiast favorites, the finally-US-legal R32 GTR up against the S30 Z 
chassis, which includes the classic 240Z. No surprises here, the cult favorite R32 pulls 
ahead by a large margin with 593 votes, with the S30 only receiving 227 (72% to 28%).
Day 2

BMW E82 1M vs E92 335i

Two of the BMW enthusiast favorites, the rare 1M coupe against the 335i with the hailed
N54 engine. Contrary to the 335i's more rich mod market, the sheer power and rarity of 
the 1M showed through, helping it take the lead with 478 votes, while the E92 335i 
received 437 (52% to 48%).

Porsche 997 Turbo S vs 991 GT3

The 991 GT3 may be the more exotic and recognizable choice, but what about the more 
mod-rich, accessible Turbo S? Well, not much about it, apparently, because the 991 GT3 
pulled ahead by a large margin, as expected, with 495 votes versus the 997's 257 votes 
(66% to 34%).

Audi B7 RS4 vs Audi S7

Enter the Audi sedans - the smaller, rocket-y B7 RS4 vs the V8 S7 saloon. Somewhat 
surprisingly, the saloon pulls ahead of the smaller sedan by a very large margin - the 
S7 wins with 513 votes, against the RS4's 290 (64% to 36%).

Infiniti Q50 RS vs R35 GTR

At first, this may seem like a silly matchup, but consider the fact that a well-built 
Q50 Red Sport essentially becomes a four-door R35! Still, no surprises here, the R35 
absolutely decimates the Q50 with 695 votes over 133 votes (84% to 16%).
Day 3

BMW E92 M3 vs BMW F90 M5

Giving the coupe-heavy BMW lineup some love is the F90 M5, breaking out into the 
aftermarket with its incredibly powerful twin-turbo V8. That extra power fell flat 
against the E92 M3, however, whose enthusiast following rallied for its win. The E92 M3 
received 484 votes, and the F90 M5 received a mere 283 (63% vs 37%).

Porsche Panamera GTS vs Porsche Macan GTS

The two odd-Porsches battle it out in the court - the four-door Panamera GTS against the 
crossover Macan GTS. Unsurprisingly, the audience favors the sedan over the SUV, and the 
Panamera GTS wins with 409 votes, over the Macan GTS's 259 (61% to 39%).

Volkswagen Mk4 R32 vs Audi B5 RS4 Avant

Two Euro classics and fan favorites, the iconic "wookie" VR6 Volkswagen Mk4 R32 and the 
Audi equivalent, the 1000hp+ capable bi-turbo v6 family wagon. The longer wheelbase and 
higher power output win here, with the B5 RS4 Avant taking 463 votes vs the VW's 216 
votes (68% to 32%).

Nissan 350z vs  Nissan 370z

Two Z chassis that represent a staple of the JDM enthusiast community - both sporting a 
VQ, the decision here mostly comes to nostalgic feel and styling. You the audience 
clearly showed that Nissan's update was for the better, and the 370Z comes out on top
with 551 votes, shutting out its older sibling 350Z who only received 155 votes 
(78% to 22%).
Day 4

BMW F87 M2 vs BMW E46 M3

Two of the most sought-after M models in recent history, these two seemed like the 
perfect fit to battle it out. The audience seemed to favor the older inline 6 model over 
the newer, and the ever-aggressive E46 M3 takes the lead with 467 votes, with the F87 M2 
receiving 401 (54% vs 46%).

Porsche 991 Turbo S vs Porsche 987 GT4

The widebody flagship goes up against the newly-introduced hot coupe - will the smaller 
form factor be more appealing than the tried-and-true turbo? As it turns out, the GT4's 
sex appeal wasn't enough to knock the 991 Turbo S from its throne. The 991 comes out on 
top with 418 votes, compared to the GT4 receiving 371 votes (53% to 47%). Close, but no 
luck for the Cayman.

Audi SQ5 vs Audi RS5

Audi's made quite the name for itself with its performance crossovers, and the SQ5 is 
possibly the most popular iteration. But is that enough for it to overtake the raw, 
twin turbo RS5? Unfortunately for the CUV scene, the RS5 decimates the SQ5 by 500 votes. 
The RS5 reigns supreme with 628, while the SQ5 only receives 127 (83% to 17%).

Infiniti Q60RS vs Infiniti G37S

Which of the two Infiniti performance coupes is the better mod chassis? Your votes spoke 
volumes with the newer, more powerful Q60 RS moving onto the sweet 16, receiving 527 
votes against the OG G37S's 210 votes (72% to 28%).

Sweet 16 Results

BMW E92 M3 vs BMW E46 M3

The E92 pulls ahead with 448 votes while the E46 receives 238 (65% to 35%) - an 
unexpected victory that advances the E92 to the Elite Eight.

BMW F80 M3 vs BMW E82 1M

The F80 shuts out the E82 in a brutal 498- vs 199- vote game (71% vs 29%). No surprise 
here considering the F80's immense popularity! See you in the Elite Eight, F80 M3!

Porsche 997 GT3 vs Porsche 991 GT3

In a close match, the 991 GT3 pulls ahead of the 997 GT3 at the last minute and receives 
368 votes, while the 997 GT3 only receives 273 (57% to 43%). The 991 GT3 advances to the 
Elite Eight!

Porsche Panamera GTS vs Porsche 991 Turbo S

No punches pulled here, the 991 Turbo S mops the floor with the Panamera GTS in a 
543- to 138- vote match (80% to 20%), and advances to the next round.

Nissan R32 GTR vs Nissan R35 GTR

In a game where anything could happen, the young gun R35 GTR pulls ahead of its 
predecessor with 284 votes versus the R32's 212 votes (57% to 43%).

Nissan 370Z vs Infiniti Q60RS

In a heated match, the tuner fan-favorite overtakes the higher-end luxury sports car 
by a mere 26 points - making the end score  250 votes vs 224 (53% to 47%).

Audi RS3 vs Audi S7

With the VW's out of the way, the Audis will play. Surprisingly, the larger and more
 powerful S7 pulls ahead of the RS3 hot hatch with 273 votes versus the RS3's 190 
(59% to 41%) and advances to the Elite Eight.

Audi B5 RS4 vs RS5

In a matchup of classic muscle against new power, the newcomer RS5 dominates the court 
by scoring 335 votes against the RS4's 144 votes (70% to 30%).

Elite Eight Results

BMW F80 M3 vs BMW E92 M3:

F80 M3 receives 335 votes, beating the E92 M3's 272 votes (55% to 45%)! The F80 
moves on to represent BMW in the Final Four!

Porsche 991 GT3 vs Porsche 991 Turbo S:

Between the posterchild turbo porsche and the supercar derivative, who will represent 
Porsche in the final four? The accessibility and mod-rich market of the Turbo S proves 
to not be enough to dethrone the more exotic GT3, and loses by a large margin. The 991 
GT3 advances with 327 votes, while the Turbo S only receives 141 (70% to 30%).

Nissan R35 GTR vs Nissan 370Z:

No surprises here, the supercar overtakes the sports coupe by an absolute landslide. The 
GTR scores 387 votes to shut out the 370Z's 44 votes (90% to 10%).

Audi S7 vs Audi RS5:

For the first time in the bracket, the S7 is defeated by its very own smaller sibling. 
The smaller RS5 pulls far ahead of the S7's 141 votes by scoring 355 votes and securing 
it a place in the Final Four (72% to 28%).

Final Four Results

BMW F80 M3 vs Nissan R35 GTR:

A very interesting match up to be sure. A car whose predecessors essentially defined the 
tuning scene vs a fairly new fan favorite with an ever-growing support in the 
aftermarket. The F80 lovers rallied to the cause, taking over the jdm legend in a very 
decisive victory. The F80 moves on to the championship with 339 votes, leaving the R35 
behind with 205 votes (62% to 38%).

Porsche 991 GT3 vs Audi RS5

Pitting two unlikely rivals together, the RS5 and GT3 come together to battle it out.
While the GT3 is a faster and more aggressive car, the RS5 is an incredible car in its
class and is slightly more enthusiast-friendly - which will the audience choose? Well, 
the sex-appeal gets the GT3 335 votes and beats out the RS5's 77 votes, placing the GT3 
in the championship (81% to 19%).

Championship Results

BMW F80 M3 vs Porsche 991 GT3

Game 1

What an incredibly close game. The 991 GT3 took the lead very early on, and solidified a 
60% lead over the F80 for the first 12 hours of the matchup. With 6 hours left, the F80
manages to catch up, ties with the 991, and stays tied up until the last hour of the 
game, where it pulls ahead by SIX votes! The F80 M3 wins with 266 votes against the 991 
Gt3's 258 (51% to 49%).

Game 2

The F80 faced the GT3 with much more certainty and confidence in this round. It secured 
an early lead and held onto it. For the first time in this entire matchup, the sexiness 
of the 991 lost to the raw twin-turbo power of the S55. The BMW takes game two and shuts 
the Porsche out of the championship entirely. Many were expecting to see the 991 take the 
win, and we agree, it is an incredible car with some of the most aggressive mods 
available to the market. However, the F80 M3 takes a well-deserved win, as it starts with
a better blank slate, and has a very rich aftermarket with new mods coming out every 
week. The F80 surely deserves the title as most moddable chassis.


Thank you for joining us on our March Modness challenge!