BMW_E46_M3_CSL_Front_Bumper-1When life hands you a lemon, sometimes you’ve just gotta make lemonade. Like the owner of this E46 BMW M3 did when a rogue truck tire shred on the freeway beat the heck out of his OEM front bumper and ruined the paint. You know, it’s really something you can’t always avoid, and man, those beefy strips of rubber can really beat the crap out of your poor car. So, Rather than just repaint the stock M3 front bumper or replace it and the fog lights, this owner opted for something a bit different and went with a CSL style Front Bumper for BMW E46.
In addition to the CSL style front bumper, he complimented that with a set of Carbon Fiber Front Splitters for BMW E46 M3 CSL front bumpers. You may have noticed that there’s a hole only on ONE side of the front bumper. Well, it’s not a fog light hole, or a brake cooling duct. Nope, that’s for the Competition racing intake. As we’ve mentioned before, ModAuto offers Bumper & Trim paint Services for LOCAL customers. We’re really happy with the paint match, it’s pretty spot on to our eyes.BMW_E46_M3_CSL_Front_Bumper-3 Here’s another look at the old front bumper we removed.BMW_E46_M3_CSL_Front_Bumper-4And here are a few more gratuitous beauty shots of the front end of this E46.  In addition to the splitters, this car also has a set of Matte Black Kidney Grilles as part of the Blackout Package for BMW E46 M3. The especially astute might be able to spot that this car also sports a set of CCFL Angel Eyes which look stellar at night.
BMW_E46_M3_CSL_Front_Bumper-6 Of course, what’s a story on a BMW without a few good rolling shots?BMW_E46_M3_CSL_Front_Bumper-7 BMW_E46_M3_CSL_Front_Bumper-8 Even in passing, the fender grille blackouts are still visible.BMW_E46_M3_CSL_Front_Bumper-9The E46 M3 exhaust sounded great too as the customer left.

So, should something unfortunate like a tire happen to the front end of your BMW, why not use the opportunity to make your car stand out? Give the Mod Experts a call at 714-582-3330 to see what we can do for your vehicle.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson