Last week, SoCal had one of its wettest weeks on record, and during the deluge, this modified E63 BMW M6 came to the shop for some ///M-caliber maintenance. With its complex S85 V10 under the hood, it’s not a car your average mechanic will even touch. While we’re known for our installation services, we also offer maintenance services for high performance vehicles – which is why Shawn brought in his M6 to Mod Expert Sean for an oil change and a fresh set of brake pads.
We don’t see too many of the E63/E64 BMW M6es around, the 6-series just didn’t sell in big numbers out here. This car sports a host of modifications, many of which were immediately obvious to us, but maybe not everyone- let’s walk through them. The E63 Suspension has been upgraded with a set of coilovers to bring down the ride height, and a set of Painted Front Reflectors cleans up the front bumper by eliminating the orange blobs on the corners. In addition, the Matte Black M6 Side Grilles and blacked out M6 badge are a nice touch.
The S85 V10 has a lot more grown than factory thanks to the upgraded Exhaust for E63 M6, which gives it both the muscular character of a big V10 as well as a slight bump in power.

After changing the oil and refreshing the M6 Brakes with a set of new pads, it was back outside to send the car on its way.

Lowered on coilovers, fitted with a set of aftermarket wheels, a performance exhaust and trimmed with all the right accessories, this modified M6 exemplifies the clean look with just a few boltons, but man, do those few mods make all the difference. Check it out in the photos below.

Up front, the car boasts a Carbon Fiber V-Style front lip for BMW M6 and a set of Matte Black Kidney Grilles for M6 to bring together the car’s aggressive aesthetic.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & All Original Photos by Nick Gregson