A couple days ago Cadillac CTS-V owner/enthusiast Hunter Swift of (#TeamSwift) reached out to fellow Cadillac CTS-V enthusiast (and ModBargains cofounder) Mike Brown to see what his options were when it came time to lower Hunter’s CTS-V.

cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img018Both Mike and Hunter have pearl white CTS-V Sedans with a build tailored to each of their tastes. Hunter’s CTS-V already sported some Exterior Upgrades for CTS-V like a Carbon Fiber front Lip and Rear Spoiler for Cadillac CTS-V. The massive OEM Brembo Brakes have been powdercoated a brilliant green that stands out from the otherwise restrained look of the Cadillac – a set of performance wheels for Cadillac have started the custom look, but those wheels, doesn’t quite look right with the stock CTS-V Suspension. Mike’s CTS-V is already lowered, and Mike’s positive experience living with these springs for over a year made it easy to recommend Eibachs to a friend.



cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img006 cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img007 cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img008As you can see, with all that wheelgap with a set of great aftermarket wheels really looks “off.”, so Mike recommended a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs for Cadillac CTS-V to give Hunter’s CTS-V the stance to suit its shoes.


cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img002Having the car in the air gave us a look at the car’s set of custom electronic exhaust cutouts, which lets this CTS-V roar at the push of a button. While it’s not as aggressive as a full CTS-V Exhaust like Mike’s Cat-Back Exhaust System for Cadillac CTS-V from Stainless Works, this certainly gives the car the musclecar sound it deserves.

cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img010 cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img011

After getting the car back on the ground, we could see the difference the Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for CTS-V made in the stance of the car – with just the addition of springs, the car looks “right”. Surprisingly these are Eibach‘s Pro-Kit and not Sportline springs, yet do apparently offer a very nice amount of drop. With the car looking sharper than ever, we had to get a group photo with Mike’s CTS-V as well. Did you know that Mike’s car is also lowered with a set of Eibach springs?

Mike loves how his CTS-V performs on the Eibach Springs – here’s how he feels on his own mood.

“After upgrading the wheels on my car from 19″ to 20”, it was evident that I needed to reduce the fender gap on my car to make it look better.

It just looked off, awkward, & not aggressive with the stock ride height. The fender gap just looked huge, and it made the car look bad. I considered a few different options but wanted a moderate drop.

I chose the Eibach Pro-Kit springs for my personal car (CTS-V) because the lowering amount was what I was looking for. Furthermore, Eibach has an extensive background in motorsports and very actively supports the automotive enthusiast community that we serve here.

After installing the Eibach springs on my CTS-V, I was very happy with my decision. The springs lowered the car, made it look great, and the ride quality is excellent! No bouncy feeling, and my girlfriend didn’t even notice any difference in the ride quality! I highly recommend Eibach Pro-Kit springs to all of my customers!”

-Mike Brown, Co-Founder CEO

cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img014 cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img015 cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img016 cadillac-cts-v-eibach-pro-kit-springs-img017
We really enjoyed shooting this great looking pair and hope we start seeing more V’s in the garage in the future.


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Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson