Whether you have factory wheels or an aftermarket set, lowering your car is a huge improvement aesthetically and in terms of handling performance. This is true whether you drive a Lexus, BMW, Ford or a Morgan – excess wheelgap looks like hell. That’s what brings this Lexus GS to the ModAuto installation facility today – lowering it with a set of springs from RS-R Suspension.

Known for their exceptionally well-balanced suspension components, this set of RS-R Springs will sharpen this car from bloated bland Japanese Buick into the corner carver it ought to be. The RS-R springs lower the car just enough to eliminate the wheelgap completely without taking away from the car’s usability on real world streets. With a little bit of light drizzle today, we got a gorgeous mirror effect on the wet, freshly paved parking lot. You don’t get this kind of look and stance with the factory springs, that much is certain.With just a bit of a drop, this otherwise stock Lexus looks the way the designers intended – purposeful and aggressive, yet refined.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson