H&R Suspension‘s motto is “GO WIDE”- and a few days back Richard W’s bone stock 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk 6 got the full H&R treatment installed at ModAuto with a bit of help from Mod Expert Blake.VW_Golf_GTI_MK_VI_HR_Cup_Kit_Spacers-11One of the first mods most people do to any car and give it a drop – and drop it we did with a full H&R Suspension Touring Cup kit for VW Golf GTI Mk VI, featuring H&R Springs and H&R’s own shocks/struts, which brings down the ride height of the car 1.2in both front and rear, giving the car a healthy drop.

Since the shocks and the springs are designed to work together, they won’t wear out quickly like the OEM shocks would with a lowering spring.VW_Golf_GTI_MK_VI_HR_Cup_Kit_Spacers-4 Here’s how the GTI sits with the H&R Spacers and Touring Cup kit installed.
VW_Golf_GTI_MK_VI_HR_Cup_Kit_Spacers-6 Pushing out the wheels to give it a wide stance is a set of H&R TRAK+ Spacers for VW Golf, which safely push out the wheels a few mm to make the wheels flush with the wheel arches.VW_Golf_GTI_MK_VI_HR_Cup_Kit_Spacers-7 The wider track of the car is definitely noticeable.VW_Golf_GTI_MK_VI_HR_Cup_Kit_Spacers-9 VW_Golf_GTI_MK_VI_HR_Cup_Kit_Spacers-10From this oblique angle you can better discern how the wheels better fill the arches with the spacers installed.


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Story & Photos Nick Gregson