We all can agree most cars look great sitting a little lower than they come from the factory. But not all lowering springs are the same. Depending on the spring rate, brand and other factors, the ride of your new springs may vary. The Lexus GS350 is a classy touring saloon, so a race-car firm ride isn’t appropriate here. That’s why our Modification Expert Alan recommended a set of Tanabe NF210 springs to this customer for his Lexus GS350 F-Sport. The NF210 Springs are designed with comfort in mind.



These springs offer a mild drop yet don’t degrade the luxurious ride of your Lexus. The “NF” in NF210 stands for Normal Feeling – which means that the car rides like it would stock and offers a very mild and tasteful drop that everyone can appreciate.


In this Before/After Comparison, the drop is especially evident at the rear of the car with a significant reduction in wheelgap.

While we don’t often work on Lexus, if there’s a specific part you’re looking at for your own Lexus, shoot us an email at sales@modbargains.com or just call one of our Modification Experts at 714-582-3330 because we can probably get it for you!

lexus-gs-lowered-4 lexus-gs-lowered-3 lexus-gs-lowered-2 lexus-gs-lowered



Here’s another photo of the car before adding the springs for comparison.


Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos Doug Johnson