What is THE most popular visual mod out there today for the FR-S/BRZ market? In this episode of Know Your Mods, Co-Founder & CEO Mike Brown shows us the latest generation of Valenti‘s super popular LED Tail Light and 4th brake lights.

Building on the quality and style Valenti is already known for, these new versions now feature an easy access switch on the back.

This switch lets you alternate between a standard signal setting, and an exotic eye-catching sequential signal mode.

This sequential signal setting is very unique and sets your car apart from the rest whether its day or night.

Available in a variety of Red/Chrome and Smoked variants, there is a style to match whatever theme your vehicle is leaning towards, everything from an OE+ to aggressive.

…and lets not forget about the matching 4th brake lights.


Available in matching Red/Chrome and Smoked variants, only Valenti offers a full rear tail-light package that completes the look your going for. You can even modify the 4th brake lights wiring to offer separate the running and brake light function for that extra custom look.


And of course the Valenti tail lights are S.A.E/D.O.T. approved making for a true plug and play install.

Check out this video which shows all three color options available, and what the Sequential vs. Non-sequential signals look like:

For any questions about ANY of our Valenti Tail Lights (which start at $249.99) for the Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ, check out our Valenti tail light page or contact a Mod Expert at 714-582-3330

So really, what are you waiting for?


Ultramarine FR-S sporting the Clear Lens Valentis Tail Light and 4th Brake Light

Ditch those ugly stock tail lights on your GT86 for something that truly flows with the natural lines of the car and offers a refreshed, more modern appearance to your ride. We have them in stock, ready to ship from our own warehouse. So make the Valenti switch today.


Clear Lens Valentis Tail Light and 4th Brake Light

Want your Valenti LED Tail Lights RIGHT NOW, TODAY? Well guess what, you instant gratification types are in for a treat because we ACTUALLY stock these lights in our warehouse-ready to be shipped or picked up!


Valenti Rear Bumper Light gives the car some much needed flair at the tail, giving it some pop where the dud OEM bumper light sits, taking up space in the dark.

We hope this will help you decide on your next set of tails. Thanks for reading!

Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson

Video Content by Arlen Forsstrom & Charles Pages