This time on Know Your Mods, BMWs get some love as we feature Burger Motorsports JB4 performance tuner. This true Plug-and-Play tune will drastically boost Horsepower and Torque for your BMW!

So whats the JB4‘s secret? The magic happens within the box itself. The tuner connects to your BMWs factory sensors and engine controls. Check out the dyno sheets below and scope out the results for yourself.

135i on 91 Octane – NO OTHER MODS

335i on 93 Octane – with Intake + Exhaust

By being able to see what your ECU sees, the JB4 can alter the factory tune providing added boost, ignition/fuel control, and a host of other features providing you with more power, control, and exhilarating driving experience.


True to it’s name, the BMS JB4 is a direct Plug-and-Play install. Either plugging directly into your ECUs harness inside its cover, or in-concert with your BMWs engine loom where it plugs into each sensor; depending on which engine and vehicle your JB4 is designed to work with.

Just connect the wires, and enjoy full control through the steering wheel where you can choose which tune you’d like to run, or load up a custom tune from your local Dyno facility (The ModAuto dyno facility will be opening late summer 2016!)

Wireless JB4 Mobile Bluetooth Adapter KitWireless JB4 Mobile Bluetooth Adapter App

If you’re looking for even more flexibility with your tune, Burger Motorsports also offers an optional JB4 Bluetooth Connection Kit. Once paired with its companion Android or iOS app, your phone becomes a second screen where you can monitor up to 6 sensors simultaneously, record data logs, or read/clear Check Engine codes.


Simply put… if you own a BMW, the Burger Motorsports JB4 is one performance part you don’t want to shrug off. Most mods claim big power gains yet under-deliver in the real world, but with the JB4 you really get what you pay for – a serious “KICK IN THE PANTS” horsepower gain that you’d be crazy not to notice. The JB4 delivers a night and day change in your driving experience which will make your stock BMW feel like a sport model, or transform your M4 into a truly fearsome trackday weapon and street brawler.

For full listings and product break down, Check out this link.

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